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Warning: Potential spoilers ahead for fans of Arrow.

There's always that one pointless character on a show who drives viewers crazy, that fans would love to see killed off forever; Marnie from Girls, The Walking Dead's Carl, even Iris from The Flash wouldn't be missed much if Zoom took her out for good. The problem is that regular mainstays like these are rarely bumped off from primetime shows, unless there are contractual or personal issues involved.

Just ask Charlie Sheen.

However, detractors of Laurel Lance on CW's Arrow were finally in luck last month when Black Canary was brutally murdered in the episode titled "Eleven Fifty Nine."

Whether you think Black Canary had become a valuable asset to the team or whether you wish Damien Darhk had stabbed her sooner, it's hard to deny that Laurel's death has had a huge impact on the entire cast of Arrow, raising the stakes tenfold for the season finale on May 25.


This isn't the first time that a character has died on Arrow though, so naturally, fans have been questioning whether Laurel may return someday via one of the show's various supernatural elements. Honestly, how hard is it to just build a new Lazarus Pit?

However, during a recent interview with Larry King, Arrow star Stephen Amell finally put these questions to rest with a definitive answer regarding the fate of Star City's favorite ADA.

We warn you now though, those hoping for a miracle resurrection should look away right about now.

Ora TV
Ora TV

When asked directly whether Laurel will return from the dead, Amell responded with a straight forward "No," crushing the hopes of Black Canary fans everywhere — but things may not be as clear as they seem.

While Amell did deny Laurel's return, the actor looked incredibly awkward answering the question. It's common for shows like this to mislead fans at times, so there's still a possibility that the Arrow star isn't exactly telling the whole truth.

For now though, it appears that fans of the Black Canary will have to canary cry into their TV screens and enjoy the rest of the series without Laurel's involvement.

Click here to watch the interview from the "Larry King Now" episode, which is set to debut in full on Friday, May 27.

Do you think there's still a chance Laurel could return one day?

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