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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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If you're a hardcore horror fan awaiting the arrival of more Mick Taylor, you may have a few worries: How can a TV show live up to the greatness of the Wolf Creek presence on the big screen? Will the action be softened for television?

Well, director Greg McLean is confident that the Wolf Creek TV show is gonna blow us all away. So confident, in fact, that he's promised the new show is:

Holy fucking shit-scary.

Check out the promo.

McLean elaborated on his super-super-super-super-scary (and sweary) boast about his upcoming Wolf Creek project, and it's great to see what insight and love he has for the horror genre and the fans who love it. McLean told Bloody Disgusting:

“The first ‘Wolf Creek’ was a hardcore attempt to try something out — ‘what would these events look like if they were really happening?’ It’s a very simple idea that created something fairly visceral for audiences.

The second movie needed to change gear, 100%. The character of Mick Taylor was now known to the audience — so I had an opportunity to have more fun and screen time with the character as he was front and center the entire movie. It was really about Mick and his world.

The TV series (six episodes at one-hour apiece) was another opportunity to expand even deeper into the world of the Australian Outback Mick Taylor inhabits. It’s more of a suspense, thriller in tone but ventures into genuine horror the deeper we get into the story.

We follow a female character who is out for revenge after her family is murdered by the madman so it spins the whole concept of its head in that the slasher villain is now being hunted. And as he’s hunted, we learn more and more about what created this monster, and potentially how to destroy him."

McLean continues that because Stan channel is "Australia’s Netflix," he was able to create:

''Something that’d blow audiences away and not shy away from violence, horror or gore. I was amazed and delighted — as I’m sure horror fans will be as well — by seeing something that has no real restrictions.

I’m so proud of the series; the writing, acting and imagery is amazing. I think horror fans will love it as it’s complex, rich, and full of atmosphere, while also being shit-scary. It also has some the genuine ‘HOLY FUCKING SHIT!’ moments that each ‘Wolf Creek’ film has (I’m looking at you, ‘Head on a Stick’ scene from ‘Wolf Creek’ and 'Jeez, Rutger, are you part bloody donkey!’ from the sequel)."

The Wolf Creek TV mini-series hits Stan on May 12 and will announce an international release soon.

Source: Bloody Disgusting


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