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For a lot of us old enough to remember cartoons in the '90s, the X-Men cartoon holds a special place in all of our hearts. We remember Wolverine taking out a sentinel yelling, "This is for you, Morph!!!!," Rogue and Gambit's relationship, and falling in love with Jubilee. Beyond the cartoon, the '90s were a great time to start reading X-Men comic books. Characters like Cable, Deadpool, Omega Red, and Bishop debuted, Magneto became an even deeper character, and Age of Apocalypse showed a world without Xavier. For all of those who love the '90s X-Men as much as I do, there is some good news.

The next X-Men film will be set in the '90s.

A classic 90's X-Men Cover
A classic 90's X-Men Cover

According to ComingSoon, Producer Simon Kinberg has confirmed that the next X-Men movie to follow X-Men: Apocalypse will be set in the 1990s, stating simply, “The next one is set in the 90s.” While it's still unclear whether Kinberg means the next X-Men film or Josh Boone’s upcoming New Mutants film, it's amazing news for X-Men fans. The '90s saw a change in the attitude of the X-Men, character redesigns (thanks Jim Lee), and major boost in commercial usage of the X-Men (the cartoon, tons of fast food commercials, etc.). Not only does this news bode well for the future, but this also gives hope for the Age of Apocalypse movie coming out on May 27, 2016.

Actors like Alexandra Shipp (Storm), Tye Sheridan (Cyclops), and Olivia Munn (Psylocke) are getting their first shots at playing some very iconic X-Men who were vital to the success of the comic books in the '90s. If the reviews are good, they could get a shot at remaining in the franchise and maybe even get their own solo movies, if they are received well by the audience.

Munn took her role VERY serious and it shows
Munn took her role VERY serious and it shows

It's news like this that gives us hope for the future of X-Men titles. A lot of us (myself included) hope that one day we might get to see an Avengers vs. X-Men movie, and one day we might. But right now, I'm just ecstatic that the future of Marvel's Mutants is looking so bright that we have to wear Jubilee's shades.

What is your favorite '90s X-Men title? Let me know in the comments below.


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