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Captain America: Civil War is just smashing it at the box office right now. The star studded cast has assembled once again to add another near perfect movie to the growing MCU. The movie is already a massive ensemble film, there are some incredible little cameos that made us gasp, squeal and squirm in our seats.

More importantly, we're here to alleviate you from the struggle of recognising someone on screen but not remembering where you know them from. The face probably appeared on the screen for less than a minute but you are now still racking your brain going, "Oh, OH! Who IS that!? I know him! Where's he from?"

So, don't fret! We're about to pinpoint these fantastic cameos from the latest and greatest Captain America movie!

John Slattery

Slattery is a legend on the small screen starring in the critically acclaimed and personal favourite,TV show, Mad Men. When he appeared in the film as the father to the young Tony Stark, I gasped in my seat. I leaned over to my friends and loudly whispered, "That's the Boss Guy!". And my ignorant bunch of friends replied with a dismissive "Who?" (love them but like turn on your TV, dudes!)

Best known for his role as Roger Sterling from Mad Men, Slattery revises his role as Tony Stark, mogul, distant father. Having appeared briefly in Iron Man 2 and Ant Man, Slattery also dabbled into the big screen in recent movies such as Ted 2 and Spotlight.

Marisa Tomei

I was so happy to see Marisa Tomei take on the role of Aunt May! I can't wait to see her step into the spotlight in the upcoming film. You probably have seen her face around before. How can you not? This beautiful woman has been gracing the movie screens for over three decades.

I personally recognised her as Steve Carrell's random hook - up and son's teacher from Easy Stupid Love where she was pretty funny. She is also best known for her work in What Women Want, Anger Management with Adam Sandler, In the Bedroom (where she received an academy award nomination for her supportive rle) and most recently, Parental Guidance in 2013.

Jim Rash

A man with many talents; producer, writer and fantastic actor, Jim Rash was my favourite cameo of the entire movie. He plays the M.I.T liaison whose mannerism and look didn't sway too far from his popular and beloved role as the Dean on Community.

I legitimately squealed when I saw him walking down that hallway in his unfortunately way-too-brief scene. Best known for his work on Community as Dean Pelton, Jim Rash is keeping busy cameo-ing on the smaller screen on TV shows such as Dr. Ken, Lucifer and the Odd Couple.

Martin Freeman

When Martin Freeman popped his face onto the screen as Everett K. Ross, ally to Black Panther, I could hear everyone being surprised and excited that we have another A-list actor involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

My friends were just getting even more exasperated at the thought that Freeman and Cumberbatch may share another project together (we're trying to keep the Sherlock Holmes bromance alive). With Benedict joining the MCU as Doctor Strange, that's two Sherlocks crossing over to the Marvel world, and honestly, we're just waiting for Cumberbatch and Freeman to share some great scenes on the big screen! Ah! I just love Freeman! I am so happy he blessed us with his presence.

Stan Lee

The infamous Stan Lee cameo did not slip by anyone in this flick. Lee shows up as the delivery man, coining the name 'Tony Stank' to the absolute amusement of the recovering Rhodey. This genius of a man needs no introduction so I'll just leave you with this funny clip of Stan Lee being asked if he's or

So, who were you excited to see, even briefly, in the new Cap Movie? Were there any cameos we missed? Leave a Comment Below and let me know!



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