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I enjoy Halloween! It's the one time in the year that I can be something or someone other than myself. I normally grow my beard out for the entire month and a few days before Hallow's Eve, I would trim my beard to match a well-known bearded man from a popular movie or TV show.

I have been Wolverine, Seneca (The Hunger Games), Teen Wolf (the movie, not the TV show), Evil Rand (Evil Abed Goatee from Community) and even Freddie Mercury.

My beard was like my own personal mask that I would grow on my face for Halloween. Speaking of masks, here are my Top 13 Scariest Horror Masks in Cinema History! I'll also explain as to why they're scary. And no, puppets and clowns don't count. Behind the puppet is the puppet master or ventriloquist. And clowns are basically wearing too much makeup and mascara — or are they wearing MASKCARE-A?

Anyway, starting from the least scary and moving onwards:

13. Michael Mayers: William Shatner mask

This mask is motionless, just like Shatner's dialogue. So seeing a guy with no facial expression coming at you with a big kitchen knife — you better run!

12. The Wax Mask from House of Wax

Another motionless mask, but this one is scary due it's long, moppy black hair and when it melts it is quite disturbing.

11. The Mask from Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

The caved-in eyes and the large frown on the mask is just nerve racking.

10. Smiley

"Let's put a smile on that face!" Oh, wrong guy. This emoji-inspired killer will do more than put a smile on your face, he'll split your sides, if you know what I mean.

9. The Pig Mask from Saw

Yes that wee little pig that made you go all the way home! Granted that the Jigsaw mask is scary, but that's not a mask — that, my friends, is a doll!

8. The Doll Face from The Hills Run Red

Speaking of dolls, what's more scary than a possessed doll? An overly grown man wearing a childhood plaything who is about to kill you!

7. The Purge Masks

I don't know about you, but having a mask that smiles at you while you're being killed isn't at all pleasant.

6. Stage Fright Mask

It looks like an Emo Asian version of the Phantom of the Opera. I guess combining those together you get a beautiful disaster!

5. Jason Voorhees: Hockey Mask

It just something about hockey masks that runs a chill down my spine! It could just be because the mask reminds me of winter, but regardless the masks is the epitome of revenge being served cold!

4. LeatherFace: Human Skin

A mask made from real human skin not only exceeds the creepy level but it also knowing that a mentally deranged guy with a chainsaw ups the ante!

3. Ghostface from the Scream franchise

The reason this one is scary is because it is a simple Ghost Mask that you can easily get at a local store — and the person behind it could be anybody!

2. Hannibal Lector: Biter Mask

Now this one is a scare because it has a purpose. And that purpose is to keep the killer from taking a bite out of you!

1. The Haunted Mask from Goosebumps

The reason that this is number one is because once it's on, it becomes part of you and you become part of it. It is darn near impossible to get off and while it's on it slowly consumes you!


Which mask do you think is the scariest?


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