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There are two things approaching that every horror fan will celebrate, Friday the 13th and the 36th anniversary of the 1980 slasher film of the same name. Everyone knows the basics about the film like sex is a no-no, drinking is heavily frowned upon and Mrs. Voorhees is actually the killer, but some are unaware of the truly odd facts about the film. Here are 23 things you (probably) don't know about 1980's Friday the 13th.

23) Wednesday the 13th?

The film takes place on June 13, 1979. As the calendar above shows, June 13th was actually on Wednesday in 1979.

22) Year of the Slasher

1957 was the year that Michael Myers was born and the year that Jason drowned in the lake.

21) The French Call Him Jackie

In the French dubbed version, Jason is called Jackie. They did change it to Jason for the rest of the franchise.

20) Layer Up

The late Betsy Palmer had always had a slim frame, so she was required to wear multiple layers of clothing to bulk her up and give her a more masculine appearance.

19) The Slap Heard Around the World

During the fight scene between Pamela and Alice, Betsy actually slapped Adrienne in the face causing her to burst into tears. She later apologized stating "that's how they do it on stage". Director Sean S. Cunningham explained to her that she was to pretend to slap Adrienne and they would add the sound in later.

18) A Freezing Conclusion

The iconic end scene where a young Jason Voorhees pops out of the water and attacks an unsuspecting Alice was filmed in November and it was only 28 degrees outside.

17) Too Sweet to Kill

Betsy Palmer was cast to play Pamela Voorhees because she was known as a wholesome actress. This lead the crew to believe that she would be the last person anyone would suspect as the killer.

16) Too Violent for the UK

Many of the kill scenes had to be cut out for the UK release to avoid the film getting an 18 rating (similar to the US R rating).

15) Monopoly Foul

During the scene where the cast was gathered around a rousing game of Monopoly, the dice actually turn up a 1 and a 2, but when it is called out, it is called as double sixes.

14) Scenery Slip-up

The story takes place during the beginning of summer, but when Alice is floating around the lake on the canoe, the trees behind her clearly indicate that it is in fact fall.

13) Eye Twitch

When Alice finds Bill (played by Harry Crosby) pinned to the door, his eye twitches slightly even though he is supposed to be dead. This is because the glue from the prosthetic was burning Crosby's eye.

12) Too Scary for Australia

Friday the 13th was considered so scary in Australia that those who sat through the entire movie received a certificate.

11) The Nightmare Monologue

During auditions, all of the actresses were required to read the monologue about the nightmare and the rain turning to blood that is recited to Kevin Bacon's character in the film.

10) Wardrobe Change

Throughout the night, the killer (Mrs. Voorhees) seems to have changed flannel types. If you watch closely, the shirt the killer is wearing changes.

9) Man Hands

The hands shown on-screen during kill scenes did not belong to Betsy Palmer, but they belonged to various men on set.

8) What's In a Name?

Friday the 13th was almost not the title. Victor Miller's working title was Long Night at Camp Blood.

7) Double Duty

The first death on screen was that of Barry played by Willie Adams. Adams was more than a victim in the movie, he was also working as a production assistant.

6) The Heads Will Roll

When Alice swings the machete at Pamela's head, she swings from right to left, but her head falls to the wrong side. This makes it appear as though Alice swung the machete from left to right.

5) Just a Filler

Writer Victor Miller had intended for Jason to be in the movie only to act as a plot filler. There were no plans to extend the series with him beyond the first film.

4) Brenda Goes Through the Window... Sorta

In the scene where Brenda comes flying through the window, did you notice that she looks a bit more "built" than she did throughout the rest of the film? That is due to the fact that it was not Laurie Bartram going through the window as Brenda, it is Tom Savini dressed as her.

3) What was that noise?

What many hear as "CH CH CH CH" is actually "ki ki ki ma ma ma". Harry Manfredini created it after learning of the scene in-which Pamela says "kill her mommy".

2) Almost Alice

Adrienne King was not the first choice to play Alice; the studio's first choice was Sally Field. Field was not interested in the role, so it went to King.

1) Are they "Joshing" us?

Jason Voorhees has a nice ring to it, right? Well Jason's names was originally going to be Josh, Josh Voorhees. Writers did not intend for him to become the icon that he is, so they were going to give him a more forgettable name. I know I'm glad they went with Jason.

Friday the 13th has dominated the slasher franchise for 36 years and will continue to grow on new generations of fans.

How many of these facts did you know?


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