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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

It is a sad time for fans of comic book movies. One of the most iconic on-screen characters over that past two decades, Wolverine, is losing the actor that brought him to life, Hugh Jackman. Luckily, we will be getting one more Wolverine film so Jackman can ride off into the sunset and leave his legacy that will last for lifetimes. There has been much rumored about the next installment in there series, Wolverine 3, everything from old man Logan to Deadpool popping up somewhere in the film.

One of the biggest rumor's going around is that after the immense success of the R-Rated Deadpool, it open up the doors for Wolverine 3 to get a similar R-Rated treatment. While this was just a rumor for quite some time, director Simon Kinberg has CONFIRMED the rumor! Check out his comments below!

We Are Finally Getting An R-Rated Wolverine Movie!

An R-Rated Wolverine film is going to very interesting and it definitely opens up a ton of opportunities for storylines they could explore. It seems pretty likely that it will be going off of the Old Man Logan story and that is one of the darkest, most violent Wolverine storylines of all time. Wolverine is very violent and a grumpy old Logan will probably be very foul mouthed as well!

Does This Mean Deadpool Will Appear?

You won't find a more R-Rated character then Deadpool and he would fit in perfectly in Wolverine 3. Considering that Deadpool is almost identical to Wolverine in terms of powers, I think having him would be the perfect way to send of Hugh Jackman. Anytime these two characters shared a page together in the comics it was gold, they are essentially polar opposites of each other and it makes for a great dynamic. We know that Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have a great relationship so I would not be surprised to see Deadpool pop up at all.

Get Ready For Ultra-Violent Wolverine!

Wolverine can be very, very violent at times and the movies really have not been able to do that justice with the PG-13 rating. I think sending Jackman off with a movie that has absolutely no limitations is the right way to go. Just a quick warning beforehand, this is NOT a movie you will want to take your kids too! So please don't do it bub!


Are you happy Wolverine 3 is Rated-R?


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