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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

It is very rare that a multiplayer shooter finds the perfect balance of fun, competitiveness, and difficulty. I have put upwards of 30 hours this past weekend into Overwatch's open beta this past weekend and let me be the first to say, it finds this balance perfectly. I was desperately trying to get on board with the hero based shooter genre but after a failed attempt with Battleborn, I simply gave up. It wasn't until I stumbled upon the [Overwatch](tag:3653378) beta that my hopes were restored and then some.

When I first saw the trailer for the game I wasn't sure exactly how I felt but as soon as I jumped into the Beta and got my hands on the 21 heroes that are available to us, I instantly became immersed. I must admit I haven't had this much fun playing a FPS since my early Team Fortress 2 days and that is exactly what this is reminiscent of. This game definitely has to potential to be one of the most fun games of the year!

1. It Has A Tremendous Cast Of Characters

Each and everyone of these characters have a unique personality and design that wonderful. Everything from Junket's pyromaniac tendencies, or Winston with his scientific remarks, they all make for a terrific blend that immerse you into the world. Each character is masterfully designed and voiced very well. We should come to expect this from Blizzard, who always seem to deliver in the design department. I promise, even if you don't completely fall in love with the gameplay, you will fall in l love with these characters. Also, Blizzard will be releasing free characters for everyone to enjoy in the future.

2. Theres A Hero For Everyone

This game is not about choosing the beast class setup that allows you to dominate the battlefield, it is about finding the heroes that complement your play style the best. For example, if you are best at attacking your guy will probably be Reaper, if you want to make sure enemies don't enter a capture point, go with Junkrat. There is a character specifically for every type of player and this is one of the many reason's Overwatch is so great! There are 21 characters to choose from, each with their own unique play style that could potentially dominate a match if used well.

3. The Maps Are Beautifully Designed

Simply running around the maps in Overwatch is an experience in itself. Each map is masterfully though out in terms of it's layout and the visual style accent's the scenery perfectly. Each map adds a new challenge and tactic to your play style and that diversity is something I definitely appreciate. Blizzard once again proves that when it comes to aesthetics, they are the masters. The game doesn't pride itself on having life-like graphics, but instead creates it's own semi-anime, semi-shell shaded art style that blends together perfectly. Not to mention, almost every map is filled with tons of Blizzard easter eggs!

4. Gameplay Is VERY Competitive

While Overwatch's primary focus is on everyone having fun, there is no question that these matches get ultra competitive. The thrill of using a potentially gaming changing ultimate ability at the right time is like no other and when you make an epic play you feel great about it. You can't simply run around like crazy shooting everything in sight. A character that doesn't have his health that high can easily be taken out by an Attack or Tank hero. You must plan your approach, either Attacking or Defending very carefully and make sure you have a good blend of characters on your team. This game is definitely not or the weak of heart, you must play smart and you must find the perfect character for you.

5. Game Does Not Get Boring After Long Periods Of Time

After hours and extensive play sessions, I can honestly say that I never felt bored. Every match brought something new to the table. Every person plays differently and it was fun to see how everyone worked using these different characters. Every play style works in Overwatch and it was fun to switch from a healer to an attacker to a defender and have the same success. There is enough here to keep you entertained throughout and Blizzard will be giving us free DLC so that means even more content, and no $60 season passes.

Trust Me: Overwatch Will Be A Contender For Game Of The Year

Blizzard always delivers in the fun department and this is no exception. I love that they made the full game available to us in the Beta so we can get a real feel of what to expect. There is no overpowered characters that you unlock only by reaching a super high level, everything is even. It is honestly one of the most balanced and even shooters I have played in years. I know I will be picking up right where the Beta left off on May 24th, and I highly recommend you do the same.

Overwatch Will Release May 24th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.


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