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Captain America Civil War is now playing in theaters. The latest film from Marvel Studios raises stakes for both Captain America and Iron Man as the two lead heroes against one another. The film included many of great deal of things, and among Civil War's major moments was the introduction of Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman). The character made a strong debut in the new film and made me ecstatic to see more on T'Challa. Fortunately it will not be long til Black Panther returns to the silver screen as the character will have his very own film in the winter of 2018. With Creed's Ryan Coogler set to direct, I am curious to see just where Marvel takes the King of Wakanda. However, due to events of Civil War, I wonder if Black Panther will be the only hero to appear in the upcoming film.

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In Civil War, Black Panther goes on the warpath to hunt down Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) after the Winter Soldier is accused of a bombing that killed T'Challa's father. However in the film's climax, T'Challa discovers that the true culprit was Helmut Zemo and decides to spare both Bucky and Zemo. Yet Black Panther's penance did not stop there. In the film's post credit scene we find out that Captain America (Chris Evans), whom freed his teammates from prison, takes refuge in T'Challa's country: Wakanda. Not only does T'Challa vow to help Bucky, but he also make its clear that he will protect Captain America and his team from the governments of the world.

Not only did this scene tease Wakanda but it also showed that Captain America and his Avengers are staying in the country; which could mean that these heroes may appear in the Black Panther movie. This factor depends on the direction of the upcoming movie. For all we know Black Panther centers on the origins of T'Challa and how he becomes the protector of Wakanda. Then again many points about Black Panther were established in Civil War and a simple origin story may be a unnecessary; plus T'Challa's back story could be easily told in various scenes for the 2018 film. So if Black Panther continues after the events of Civil War then seeing Captain America's Avengers is more than likely, and it may very well help to establish the film's cast.

The addition of the Avengers to the Black Panther cast would have to be a cautious move because the film needs to center on T'Challa. However an Avenger being apart of Black Panther's cast would benefit with a familiar character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Having Chris Evans a part of the cast would make for solid supporting character; or even Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen could be great additional characters for the film. Not only would these additions help the film's cast, but it may also benefit to set things for next Avengers film: Infinity War. This is not to say that this solo film should be connected to Infinity War, but featuring these Avenger characters could help by showing moviegoers what these heroes have been up to before the massive summer blockbuster.

Black Panther has yet to go into development so the film's direction is up in the air. Yet taking in the events of Civil War, it is likely that the MCU's ensemble will play a part in the 2018 film. What that role is has yet to determined, but the inclusion of the Avengers in Black Panther is a move that seems both eminent and understandable.

Black Panther hits theaters on February 16, 2018


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