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According to The Hollywood Reporter, British star James Norton has been cast in the remake of '90s sci-fi thriller Flatliners joining an already stellar cast, including Ellen Page and Nina Dobrev. Flatliners will follow a group of medical students who take part in near-death experiments to explore the afterlife to disastrous consequences. Norton will be playing a character named Jamie.

Norton is a rising star, currently in high demand after starring in the incredibly successful War & Peace, as well as the extremely popular series' Happy Valley and Grantchester - both of which will return for more series'. Since then, he has been starring in Bug - a play at the Found 111 theatre in London. His versatility as an actor is highlighted through the different roles he plays.

Norton in the incredibly popular Happy Valley
Norton in the incredibly popular Happy Valley

Neils Arden Oplev will direct the project for Sony and the screenplay will be written by Ben Ripley. Michael Douglas and Laurence Mark will also produce.

The original film, which starred Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland and Kevin Bacon, has become a cult classic since it's release in 1990.

The original film
The original film

Are you excited for the remake of Flatliners? Are you looking forward to seeing James Norton in a new role? Tell me below in the comments!

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