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It's known throughout the Marvel Universe that Captain America's Vibranium steel alloy shield is an outstanding piece of armor, but as our new Spider-Man observed, it doesn't obey the laws of physics at all.

Inspired by the release of Captain America: Civil War, YouTuber and general tech craftsman The Hacksmith decided to put his science skills to the test and make a working version. Check out this video outlining his process:

He Can Do This All Day

With the help of industrial electromagnets powered by lithium polymer battery packs, this combined effort gives The Hacksmith enough magnetic force to lift more than 3000 pounds.

The Finished Product

The solid aluminum replica shield was built by MachinaProps and will give The Hacksmith some serious weight to bear.

Suit Up

Totally suited up, The Hacksmith channeled the spirit of Captain America, thanks to his new Sleekhides Captain America-inspired jacket, and is ready to test his new replica shield.

Putting It To The Test

Unfortunately, we'll have to wait a little bit to see the working shield pushed to its limits, but The Hacksmith did demonstrate a bit of Cap's ricochet ballistics in a teaser for his next video.

Be sure to subscribe to The Hacksmith's YouTube channel to see more of his incredible videos and the full field test in the near future.


Did you see 'Captain America: Civil War' this weekend?

(Source: The Hacksmith)


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