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Jay Dee

It's time to put up or shut up Civil War Fans. Create your own Avenger then choose a side. No spoilers here hero enthusiasts, just good old fashioned comic book fun.

Step:1 Create the hero you've always known you are. (The Sweet Proposal)

Interestingly enough my 13 year old daughter Timra told me about this cool little Marvel website. It wasn't just her, apparently everyone of the 25 kids in her class had went online that day where they created their own superhero bio. Tomorrow they're spending the day writing, drawing, talking about and expressing themselves artistically through their created Marvel characters (Official Shout-out to Salem 6th grade Advanced English Teacher Mrs. Wood: We need more like you.) So honestly, this all struck me from the standpoint of a father, a writer and a fan. In Short, I knew I had to write about it. From the mouths of babes, this little site provides an awesome and authentic experience where you, the user can enjoy the experience of creating your own character in the Marvel Universe. I have a question for you 1st though fans, and it's been on everyone's mind:"What side would I have chosen?"

Step: 2 Make A Choice (Jay's Evil Twist)

Time to make your choice. Go create your character at

Then return here if your not chicken, post your Marvel character in the comment section and take a stand with our pole. I can't wait to see all your characters and tomorrow Timmy is gonna post hers too. That's all for now hero fans, follow me here for more great articles and I'll probably see you somewhere around the next time my brilliant kid does something wonderful.



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