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SPOILERS! You've been warned!

When one recurring character dies, it's tragic. When two major characters die, it's a precursor to disaster. Life isn't good in New Orleans as The Originals bid adieu to therapist-turned-vampire Camille O'Connell (killed by the venomous bite of Lucian) and young witch extraordinaire Davina Claire (killed by a cursed Kol, and then destroyed in the afterlife by The Ancestors). These two deaths may signal a terrible turn for the Mikaelson's.

RIP Davina and Camille.
RIP Davina and Camille.

The prophesy that will bring the end to the Original family calls for one family member, one friend, and one foe, and it has become clear who those three will be. At first, with the Tristen, Lucian, and Aurora storyline unraveling; everything was cloudy until the deaths of these two major characters sorted things out. It may come as a surprise, it may be obvious, so let's look at the three who I feel might fulfill the prophesy and why this will be so.

1) KOL MIKAELSON/ The one family member

Kol has always been on the outs with Elijah and Niklaus for his reckless blood-lusting ways, but since he fell in love with Davina, Kol has changed. She brought out the best in him, and won over Kol's heart by resurrecting him from the clutches of the Ancestors.

What they didn't know was that Kol was cursed by those dead angry witches to kill Davina brutally, which unfortunately he did. Yet, there was a chance to bring her back alive with the help of Marcel and Vincent. They saved Davina from the wrath of the Ancestors and secured her soul from harm. That is until Freya and Elijah Mikaelson hatched a plan to destroy Lucian by the only means they had available; send Davina back into the hornets nest and channel the power of the Ancestors through Davina to reverse the magic that made Lucian an Original Vampire. Thus Kol's love was tortured to death by The Ancestors and her soul destroyed in the afterlife.

2) The Vampire MARCEL/ The One Friend

Maybe the one person who suffered the most with Davina's death. Marcel practically raised the young girl to become the powerful witch she was. Davina was the closest thing Marcel had to a daughter, and he loved Davina dearly. Before she died, Davina told Marcel how much she loved him, and when their efforts to save her failed; Marcel was left a broken man, crying over her dead body. The scene really did break your heart. Niklaus and Elijah know how much Davina meant to Marcel, and how bad his vengeance may be.

3) Former Witch Regent VINCENT/ The One Foe

If there is anyone who has a serious beef with the Mikaelson's, it's Vincent. His body was possessed by Finn Mikaelson, his BFF Cami was killed because of her love for Niklaus, his city torn apart by the countless wars fought by The Originals, and the witches of the French Quarter decimated by Vampires all around. He has made a pact with Marcel for vengeance by giving him the one weapon that can kill the Original family, thus declaring war on Niklaus, Elijah, and Freya Mikaelson.

THE ORIGINALS must come to terms with the aftermath of their battle with Lucien, the death of Davina, and the wrath of three very formidable foes. No immortal is safe, as the next episode 'Give Them Hell Kid' airs this Friday on the CW.


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