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Some superheroes are chipper and some are just downright gloomy. In the wonderful worlds of Marvel and DC -- you can guarantee to find at least one person to strike your fancy!

My two favorite characters of all time are Spider-Man and Batman (in that order). For the most part; Spider-Man is cracking jokes and skulls when he's battling the bad guys. Bruce Wayne on the other hand, likes to go a more stoic route when fighting Gotham's underworld.

Batmand and Dick Grayson's Joker
Batmand and Dick Grayson's Joker

Scott Snyder did a wonderful job writing Batman under The New 52 banner. His version of the Caped Crusader was a tad funnier than other iterations and he might have written the creepiest version ever of the Clown Prince of Crime. This is an opinion piece and you might not agree with everything on my list and that's okay (it's not like many people will read this anyway:)!

The New 52 was created after the Flashpoint crossover and it rebooted the main continuity at DC. A lot of people found fault in the way they portrayed some of their most popular characters, but Snyder did Bruce Wayne justice in his version of The Dark Knight. So, here are the four the saddest moments in Snyder's Batman.


Bruce dropped a cave on himself and The Joker. Alfred explained how Bruce could have lived forever, but chose death instead. Alfred recalled how Bruce always knew that it was going to end in tragedy for The Dark Knight. In the Death of the Family, Joker left a note with one word 'HA' -- and Master Wayne left Alfred that same exact note in Endgame.

All of this was incredibly sad and especially for someone as amazing as Alfred. Earlier in that story, The Joker chopped off Alfred's arm in attempt at showmanship. Alfred was lying in the hospital after Bruce's demise and refused to have his arm surgically put back on.

The saddest part is when he says that he didn't need it because he had no one to serve any more. You could feel Pennyworth's pain while reading the words off the page.


Bruce's son Damian was killed by the Heretic in an earlier issue. The issue started off with Batman and Robin foiling a crime. I was confused at first (kinda), but the ending was tears-inducing. Alfred asked Master Wayne to not go down the same route that he did when Jason died.

Bruce assured Alfred that he was handling it and then; Alfred asked Wayne to join him on his nightly activities. They watched a video with Damian calling Batman 'Father' by mistake. The ending showed both men, with tears streaming down their cheeks. It was sad, but at the same time made me love Alfred even more and displayed a softer-side to Mr. Wayne.


After Damian's death, Batman was out night-after-night fighting bad guys -- and after a little light-stalking, Harper noticed Batman was dangerously close to the edge. After she saved Bats from Venom-induced dogs, he attacked her.

She yelled at him about how she didn't care who was under the cowl and scolded him about how important Batman was to the city. The Dark Knight lied to her about putting away her criminal father and was an utter dick to Harper.

Harper didn't stopped there and she visited Bruce Wayne. She knew that Bruce helps Batman out with his tech and he promised to do as she asked. Harper knew Batman was going through some sh*t and made a touching speech to him about her mother. It was extremely sad, but at the same time uplifting.

She had a message for him on Wayne's Tower that read 'RESOLVE'. It'd made me a tad teary and cemented her place in Batman's history of awesome sidekicks.


Snyder did an event to retell Batman's origins called 'Zero Year'. My favorite part is when he outsmarted The Joker and when he was in the water -- and he gave Joker the middle finger (I know, I told'ya he was funnier)! Wayne first met Gordon when he got caught skipping school and thus rode around in Gordon's cop car on patrol.

Bruce felt safe after Gordon told him that he rides around to keep the citizens of Gotham safe. His partner arrived in his car and handed Jim his signature trench coat. Later that night Bruce's parents were killed.

Bruce was extremely angry at Gordon, until he rescued Batman from one of The Riddler's traps (Gordon wasn't there to stop his parents from dying). Bruce attacked Gordon earlier that day in the hospital and told Jim that he was corrupt and basically, a sh*tty human being.

Gordon explained to Batman on how Bruce Wayne opened his eyes about the truth of Gotham. Jim says that he loved how a young Wayne looked at him and he wanted to live up to that endearing look from an impressionable young man.

So, Jim went back to the store to see how he got the trench coat and he found his partner gambling on dog fights. Of course, Gordon wanted them to stop the fight and he was attacked by dogs. His partner threatened his young daughter, Barbra, and Jim did everything he could to live up to that young boy's look afterwards.

I found the heartbreak of Bruce's parents' death in a young boy extremely sad and the disappointment that Gordon felt from failing this young boy.


I'm sure I didn't include everything, but these were the ones that stuck with me. Usually, they were follow by something uplifting and so, I didn't have to reach for the Kleenex. I would love to hear what your thoughts were about the saddest, or the best parts on Snyder's run writing Batman.

Lastly, Greg Capullo did an amazing job with the drawings. They were simple, but elegant in each design. As the story progressed, it seemed that Snyder and Capullo's Batman became better with each passing story. I still cannot believe how beautiful the colors were for a Batman comic! If you want to start reading comics, then this is the perfect one to commence with!

The New 52 Batman/DC
The New 52 Batman/DC



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