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Everyone knows that Friday the 13th is a time to reflect on all things unlucky, a little bit strange, and all the things that make us superstitious. But every horror fan knows that there is no better day than Friday the 13th to watch one of the most classic franchises in the genre (for the 800th time): Friday the 13th! (Duh!)

Nine actors have taken on the role of the iconic, hockey-masked killer that is Jason Voorhees, however one of them stands above the rest as one of the most beloved in the franchise: Kane Hodder.

As the only actor to portray Jason more than once, Hodder has taken on the role in four of the Friday the 13th films: Part VII: The New Blood, Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, and Jason X. Each time, fans fell more in love with his passion and ferocity behind playing his dream role.

Not sure who Kane is? Here are a few fun facts about the most adored man behind the hockey mask!

He has very specific guidelines for being Jason

Kane has been quoted saying that Jason should never have to run after his victims, and he's known for the way he breathes behind the mask, making him the most memorable Jason in the franchise.

He's got a soft spot for animals (even as a killer)

At the climax of The New Blood, Jason was written to kick the main character's dog. Hodder refused, saying that yes, Jason was bad, but never bad enough to hurt an animal.

Hodder's favorite kill as Jason didn't go as planned

That's gonna leave a mark.
That's gonna leave a mark.

In Part VII: The New Blood, he picks up a girl in her sleeping bag and slams her into a tree. However, he underestimated how heavy the dummy would be, so they had to reshoot the scene multiple times to get the right shot. Eventually he got so frustrated that he threw the bag on the ground and kicked it — that's the scene that ended up in the film!

He started as a stunt man

In fact, he's done stunts in over 60 films, one of which is a part of another iconic horror franchise: Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III!

Because of it, he's tough as nails

Kane knew he wanted to be a stuntman from a pretty young age: He moved out to California to pursue his career. However, in his first year of work, something went wrong during a stunt that left more than half of his body scarred; but that didn't stop him! It's over 30 years later, and he's more in love with his profession than ever. (He also makes sure to spend time volunteering with children in burn centers, because he's perfect.)

He's the only actor to portray three horror icons

Watch it, Freddy!
Watch it, Freddy!

As I said before, he's been Jason four times, Leatherface once, and you might recognize him as the gloved hand of Freddy Krueger in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, that ultimately led into Freddy vs. Jason!

He appreciates the classics

The Wrap interviewed Kane about his favorite horror films that terrify him, and some of his answers made me downright swnkenstein (1931), The Birds (1963) (which was the first film to scare him as a kid), and The Exorcist (1973) — of my personal favorites — were among the list.

He's obsessed with the paranormal

Hollywood Ghost Hunters meet Ghost Adventures
Hollywood Ghost Hunters meet Ghost Adventures

Hodder is a founding member of the Hollywood Ghost Hunters, a group of former stuntmen/horror actors that try to track down all things paranormal. They've even been featured on Ghost Adventures! Every chance he gets, he tries to investigate haunted locations.

See?! Little did you know, your favorite Jason was actually one of the coolest guys, well, ever; and I bet I threw in at least one fun fact about him that you didn't know! This Friday the 13th, be sure to take a closer look at the man behind the mask — Kane will truly blow you away.


How will you be spending your Friday the 13th?


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