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While it was excluded from early press screenings of the film, 20th Century Fox has confirmed to that Bryan Singer's X-Men: Apocalypse will indeed include a post-credits tag scene.

Studios often neglect to put the tag scenes on early screenings so as to preserve spoilers ahead of release. With screenings happening last week and the film not due for release until May 27, it's not surprising then that nothing was included after the credits rolled. Plus, now members of the press can pay their $10–15 to go and watch it again to see what they missed.

It's amazing to see how far post-credits scenes have come since Marvel Studios popularized the trend. Remember how Singer's own X2 ended with that shot of the Phoenix over the water, hinting at Jean Grey's return? These days, that scene would be placed at the tail end of the credits. In film school I learned it was disrespectful to the thousands of people involved in the making of the movie if you left before the credits ended, so at the very least, our appetite for post-credits scenes has taught the moviegoing public to appreciate all the gears in the machine.

With weeks still to go, we can continue speculating on what the future might hold for the X-Men. Will the tag show us a glimpse of the mutants in the '90s, as recent reports suggest? Is there a new villain to be introduced, as Days of Future Past did with Apocalypse?

We'll find out on May 27.



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