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Whether or not you’re a fan, Marvel and DC are here for what seems like the long haul. We’ve evolved past the phase of sporadic superhero movies, where they were mostly a clique waste of time, to now. These movies have built a massive cinematic universe where they all affect one another. It’s amazing what’s been created, truly. But among the heroes and the villains one thing is missing. It’s death.

Their stories are predictable. Superman wasn’t in the ground 5 seconds before they gave him life. The avengers battled an alien species with only iron man’s psyche being scathed. Batman fought along titans and didn’t even appear to get a bloody lip. The only death worth mentioning is quick silver and that’s only because it happened, two things: 1. We didn’t know him long enough to care. I mean really be touched by his death. 2. A man who runs at super speed was killed by a bullet? From a faceless/nameless helicopter? The whole event was done wrong. Our heroes face impossible odds and come out not only victorious but untouched. You get my point. Valar Morghulis.

If these movies want to live then throw some realism in there. The characters don’t even fear for their lives so why should I? But if I keep complaining without a solution then I’m just part of the problem. I’ll make it easy for you, here are 10 super hero deaths that should be on the Big Screen. Half are pure fan fiction, not canon and just created out of my bloodlust, half are actual comic book happenings.

1. Captain America

Leader of the Avengers, America’s Mascot, his death would hit home and put fear back into the viewers hearts not to mention his team.

But Steve you're so supposed to be unstoppable
But Steve you're so supposed to be unstoppable

2. The Joker

Batman’s main villain and only person who can somehow relate to him. His death was extraordinary in the Arkham video game series. To see it on the big screen would make people go crazy.

The video games were a cinematic experience
The video games were a cinematic experience

3. War Machine

I mean come on. Really? Civil War makes a weak attempt at hurting him but he will don the suit again (see what I did there?). The moment he was confirmed alive my hopes of being scared went out of the window. We know that some revolutionary technology that Stark develops will save Rodes from any possible handicapped life he would've had. He should be gone from a drop like that.

so close I could taste the tears
so close I could taste the tears

4. Bucky

At the hands of the right person this death would send Captain into a rage so passionate we'd see a civil war consisting of more than pulled punches.

5. Vision

His death (if done right) could turn Wanda into an unstoppable explosion of vengeance creating one JUICY action packed movie. His revival is also one of the few justifiable ones since he was built by Stark.

6. Hal Jordan

I know he’s not around anymore but in the comics he’s got a pretty epic way of dying. Maybe Reynolds/ Deadpool can make a redeeming performance on the big screen. Maybe not… Yeah no.

Hero turned Villain turned Martyr for Earth
Hero turned Villain turned Martyr for Earth

7. Spider-Man

Technically we haven’t had a death of this hero, only the movies he's been in. Still in the comics, pretty recently too, Peter Parkers death rocked the whole world but gave way to great changes.

8. The Flash/ Barry Allen

I know, I know we haven’t even seen him on screen yet. Barry is still a fan favorite and seeing his comic book death would leave us in awe. His death is a sacrifice to save everything he's worked so hard to protect.

This would be a moment no one forgot
This would be a moment no one forgot

9. Wolverine

The longest lasting hero on the big screen. Let’s put this character to rest and give Hugh Jackman the break he deserves.

10. Elektra

That’s right I’m coming for you Netflix. You’ve got too many super hero series on the way so lets nip this one on the bud. I know she’s gonna be resurrected but how about we kill her for good next time eh?

The industry is scared of Death because it's finality doesn't let them keep milking the cash cow. In order for these movies to live forever, as classics, they need to come to an end before they're forced to. Before people get tired of their routine. However it's inevitable. Both Marvel and DC have Thanos and Doomsday on the horizon. For Thanos Death takes on the form of an actual character that he's in love with. Their arrival must bring death, if not then say goodbye to any superhuman franchise.

This will be quite the movie
This will be quite the movie

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