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This is one of the funniest, yet most powerful episodes in the entire series.

The funniest part was probably at the beginning during the machine malfunction. When Finch was impersonating Root and Reese impersonating Fusco were probably the funniest in my opinion. The next funniest thing was the whole slipper situation. It is just so unlike root to have slippers and then it made me crack up when she handed them to Bear. I think the last part which was the funniest was at the end when we see Reese in a soccer outfit. Just like the Root situation, it is so unlike Reese to wear anything besides his signature suit.

Next, the dramatic parts. Everything went to hell when the machine made Finch and Root an enemy. This came as a shocker to me as to probably the many watchers of Person Of Interest. It was a nice throwback when Finch decided to retell the machine what it had helped the team do to help people. The machine once again shows its little bits of humanity by saying at the end "I am sorry". It is really nice to see the relationship between Finch and The Machine to be a more of a father-son bond then just what he created. Not to mention the fight between Reese and the assassin. That really took the drama and action up a notch.

This was a really powerful episode and I really loved it. It had everything good TV needs. Action, drama, comedy, and a bit of Sci-fi. One of those is at least someone's favorite genre of TV. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

I'll be back tomorrow to see the final chapter of Person Of Interest at 10 PM on CBS.


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