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[Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409)'s cast was packed with countless terrific actors and actresses. Whether it was Robert Downey Jr., Frank Grillo, or even Paul Rudd, the cast never ceased to impress me.

After the movie, many people are wondering when and where we will see the cast return. We already can expect to see Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr. return in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and most of the others are sure to appear in Avengers: Infinity War. But there is one cast member who will actually be returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in just a few short months.

This September, the Marvel-Netflix series Luke Cage is set to debut. Having already appeared in Jessica Jones, Luke Cage is already a familiar face for Marvel fans. Now that he is getting his own show, we can expect he'll become even more of a familiar face to us. Check out the Netflix promo:

Luke Cage appeared to be the only cast member who we have already met that will appear in the show. It seems we will be meeting a new band of characters — except for one particular actress who appeared in Captain America: Civil War.

Alfre Woodard appeared as the character Miriam for a couple minutes towards the beginning of Civil War. If you don't recognize her, she was the grieving mother who confronted Tony Stark at MIT and blamed him for her son's death.

In the comics, Miriam lost her son (who was just a kid) when the New Warriors team blew up half of Stamford, Connecticut. Like in the movie, she confronted Tony over the death of her son and blamed him. She later appeared in the Civil War during a press conference hosted by Tony where he introduced her as his inspiration for supporting the Superhuman Registration Act, and again at the end of the comic arc when Tony promised her that they were making a better world. After that, Miriam never appeared again.

Alfre Woodard is now set to appear in Luke Cage as an entirely different character, which is a rather peculiar move for Marvel. Typically, Marvel Studios avoids reusing an actor or actress as two different characters, with the obvious exception of Stan Lee.

Woodard is set to play Mariah Dillard, who is a powerful politician in Harlem who is looking to bring forth changes to her streets to make it safer (source). She seems to oppose vigilantes like Luke Cage, and will most likely be an antagonist based on her political views and by the fact that her cousin Cottonmouth is the main villain.

In the comics, Mariah Dillard (a.k.a. Black Mariah) was the leader of the Rat Pack, a notorious gang in New York City and Harlem. She was an occasional villain to Luke Cage and the other Defenders.

However, the version of Black Mariah in the show appears to be rather different character. She will more than likely be a political antagonist than a gangster villain in the Netflix series, which will in turn make her an even more powerful barrier for Luke to get around.

Official 'Luke Cage' Teaser Photo
Official 'Luke Cage' Teaser Photo

The real question is whether or not Mariah Dillard and Miriam are the same character. In Civil War, Miriam's name was never mentioned — the name Miriam was simply what she was credited as. In addition, Miriam did mention that she worked for the State department, and appeared to have a great reason to distrust superheroes, considering that they caused the death of her son.

Miriam's character seems to be very similar to Mariah's character, based on what we've heard so far. Perhaps Miriam in Civil War and Mariah Dillard in Luke Cage are actually the same person, and we will just see her continued attempt to get superheroes off the streets during the events of Luke Cage.

Though they may not be credited under the same name, both characters played by Alfre Woodard seem to hold many similar characteristics. Furthermore, it would be unlike Marvel to use the same actress for two separate, yet similar, roles. Perhaps Civil War was just a means of setting Woodard's character up for a long run in Luke Cage, considering that she is set to appear in all 13 episodes of the series.

I would be very excited if Miriam and Mariah ended up being the same character, as she would be the first Marvel character to appear in both a Marvel Netflix series and in one of the movies. Though she isn't the biggest character, this connection between the series and the movies may be the start of something grand, eventually getting the Defenders on the big screen.

What do you think, though? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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