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Now that we know we're getting an R-rated Wolverine movie, how about giving the same treatment to the guy who completely tore Logan apart?

No, not that guy. He already got his two R-rated blood-fests.

Not Spidey either!

That's the one!

These two guys have an incredibly R-rated past, including this:


So why not give Hulk his R-rated fun? There have been plenty of wild and bloody Hulk stories in the comics that Marvel could use (and hopefully not screw up). First and foremost being Planet Hulk and World War Hulk, which we won't get into, seeing how those are the obvious choices.

Here are some more of the R-rated adventures Bruce Banner has seen that deserve a chance for some age-restricted theater viewing!

Anything with Red Hulk

Now that General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross has shown back up in Captain America: Civil War, the time is right to bring Red Hulk to the big screen! What good could come of a creature who gets hotter as he gets angrier? Throw in a resurrected Betty Ross as the Red She-Hulk, and you could get one helluva party. He even tears Cosmic Hulk in half!

It would be a movie full of nothing but bloody fighting and ripping people and things apart, and it would be glorious!

Something where Banner and Hulk Separate

The Hulk is destructive enough as it is, even with that puny human Bruce Banner being the little voice in his head telling him to calm the hell down. What happens when you separate the two? You get a regular human guy and a beast that most likely will never calm down! Ever! He'll always have someone hunting him and fighting him, and won't have a human form to revert to when things cool down.

How do they separate them? I really wouldn't matter. Doom could perform some crazy brain surgery for all I care — just let Hulk loose on this planet, or any planet, and see what happens!

In the end, Bruce has to recombine with the Hulk to stop him from tearing the planet apart, but after two hours of the Hulk doing his thing, I'm pretty sure the audience will be ready for a break.

Any movie where this happens

And Wolverine has to do this:

Or something close to this battle:

Wolverine vs. Hulk — 'nuff said!

Rick Jones/A-Bomb!

There have been quite a few Hulk movies, but we've yet to see Rick Jones or his alter ego, A-Bomb! What kind of awesome would a movie be that had A-Bomb and the Hulk teaming up to fight the Abomination and Red Hulk? That's a lot of green, red, blue, and yellow-ish behemoths fighting, but if there would be a way to make a movie with them going at it, and figure out some sort of plot, there wouldn't be any way they could get away with anything less that an R rating!

Hulk: The End

I know, the whole end-of-the-world thing has been way overdone — but this one is a pretty safe bet! You could make this film and still have all the other films that were supposed to have taken place before it. When a nuclear holocaust takes everyone out, it takes EVERYone out, even the superheroes that once tried to keep the world safe. Everyone — except Hulk, of course. The nuclear war could be one hell of an introduction to the movie, taking up as much as half the movie with it's face-melting, Hulk-yelling awesomeness. Then, take the rest of the movie to show how Hulk doesn't want Bruce around, to show the mutant radioactive cockroaches, and to show Bruce coming within seconds of his slow, painful death, right before Hulk takes over and continues to live forever, free of Bruce.

Depressing? Yessir. But it would be an R-rated Hulk that would deliver!


Which R-rated Hulk storyline would you want to see the most?


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