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If you know Jared Leto, then you know he loves what he does and really works on his craft harder than most other actors do. I mean, he slept in the streets to prepare for his role in Requiem For A Dream and lost a staggering 40 pounds for Dallas Buyers Club. He is no stranger to method acting (as we have seen in the past) and it's pretty much what we have heard for his role as The Joker in Suicide Squad. I mean, we all know the story of the rat he sent to Margot Robbie, the dead hog he sent the whole cast, and of course, how he never broke out of character. It seem Jared has really dived deep with this role to deliver something truly special to everyone.

The Joker that Jared is bringing to us in Suicide Squad is far different than any other Joker we've gotten before. His sheer appearance is something that hasn't really been handled with a live action Joker. You have a Joker that seems to be more adapted to the modern times, but yet, is still oozing with what makes him the Clown Prince of Crime. One of the Joker's many qualities is his maniacal laugh that just seems to come out at the right time. It's one of the things, according to Jared, he practiced in a very unusual way till he got it right.

In an interview with CNBC's Squawk Box, Leto talked about the trial and error process he went through to find that perfect laugh.

I worked on the laugh walking around the streets of New York and Toronto, and I would kind of walk around the streets and see what laugh would kind of get under people’s skin. You know if you hear someone laugh at a restaurant, it’s a little jarring. Yeah, I tried them out and I kind of got to a place where I would laugh and people would always turn around, like, ‘Who is this creepy guy behind me?

The laugh we have heard many times in the Suicide Squad trailer seems to have been one that Jared tried many times before deciding on it. Can you imagine just being out for dinner when some guy just releases that laugh out? I for one would be quite worried and frankly a bit rattled.

The Joker of course needs to do all that and I truly believe Jared has a laugh that fits his portrayal of the character perfectly. In my opinion, each of The Joker's different laughs made them who they are. You have Romero's, that was a bit on the lighthearted side; Nicholson, who had a more serious and sadistic one; and of course Ledger's, that was very out of breath and unpredictable. In a sense, it's great Leto found his for his Joker by taking note as to which one really made people uncomfortable. After all, this is the same character that has no regard for anyone or anything. I'm very excited to see what Leto's Joker will be like and how he could fit in the DCEU. We can only wait and see once Suicide Squad arrives in theaters if Jared will indeed steal the show (as many are saying). If you want to hear Leto's laugh, you can check it out in the trailer below!


What Do You Think Of Jared's Method For Getting The Joker's Laugh Right?

Suicide Squad Opens In Theaters August 5th 2016


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