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Who's your favorite character on Game of Thrones? If you answered Arya Stark, then you're not alone — Maisie Williams' take on the youngest Stark daughter has captured the hearts and minds of viewers the world over and it's not difficult to see why.

With a list of deceased relatives as long as her arm and a longer kill list of past and future victims, Arya's got an iron will driving her onward, from King's Landing to the House of Black and White in her quest for revenge. The Season 5 finale saw Arya scratching off the very first villain who she'd added to her list, as she stabbed and slit the throat of Ser Meryn Trant, the man who she blames for the death of her mentor Syrio Forel.

Arya kills Ser Meryn Trant.
Arya kills Ser Meryn Trant.

And quite a few others have already been crossed off the list and out of the show at this stage in the game, whether by Arya's hand or otherwise:

  • Joffrey Baratheon — poisoned by Petyr Baelish during the Purple Wedding feast.
  • Tywin Lannister — killed by his son Tyrion Lannister as he sat on the toilet.
  • Polliver — killed by Arya and Needle in Season 4.
  • Rorge — killed by Arya immediately after learning his name.

But a girl's work is far from done. Who else is left on Arya's kill list?

Cersei Lannister

Cersei takes top billing here as she's waged an ongoing campaign against the Stark family since the very beginning of the series.

Though she did try half-heartedly to halt the execution, she was directly responsible for the events which led to the beheading of Arya's father Ned Stark, as well as being involved in the crippling of Arya's brother Bran and the marrying off of her sister Sansa. And let's not forget the part she played in the Red Wedding.

Walder Frey

Speaking of the Red Wedding, the murderous Lord of the Crossing Walder Frey is tied with Cersei on Arya's most wanted list.

Frey was instrumental in setting up the events of the Red Wedding, which saw the deaths of Arya's mother Catelyn, her brother Robb and her pregnant sister-in-law Talisa (Jeyne Westerling in the books). He's a hot entry on the list, if old age doesn't get to the cantankerous creep first.


Melisandre and Arya meet when she, Gendry and Hot Pie are all captured by the Brotherhood Without Banners.

The Red Woman turns up and — in exchange for two bags of gold and the persuasion of the Lord of Light — takes Arya's friend Gendry away with her in order to use his royal blood. This marks her for Arya's list, as the Red Priestess has taken away her only friend for a dark purpose.

Beric Dondarrion And Thoros Of Myr

Both these magic users were added to the list after selling Gendry off to Melisandre, an action that Arya could not forgive.

Neither of them have been seen since Season 3, but Thoros is set to appear later in Season 6, beginning with Episode 6, "The Red Woman". And given the big Jon Snow reveal and the Lady Stoneheart whispers, it wouldn't be all that surprising to see Dondarrion popping up again sometime soon.

Ser Ilyn Payne

Another character we haven't seen in a long time is the mute Ser Ilyn Payne — the King's Justice, the royal executioner. It was Payne who beheaded Arya's father Ned Stark way back in Season 1 and took temporary possession of House Stark's greatsword Ice (which later became Oathkeeper and Widow's Wail).

He hasn't been seen in the series for a while due to the poor health of the actor who plays him, Wilko Johnson, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2013. Because of this, Payne's big role as the man who teaches Jaime Lannister how to fight following the loss of his hand was instead given to Bronn. But he's still alive in both the books and the TV show, waiting for Arya's revenge.

The Mountain

The Mountain — Gregor Clegane — made the list at the same time as Polliver when Arya was held captive at Harrenhal, as he was the one who chose which person would be tortured by the Tickler each day.

The Mountain was near death for a while — slowly fading after being poisoned by the Red Viper Oberyn Martell during their duel, and was experimented upon by Qyburn to try to find a means to stave off his death. Though he's thought dead by many, the Mountain still lives in some shape or form as Cersei Lannister's personal guard, now mute and clad in full body armor.

The Hound

Beaten badly by Brienne of Tarth and left for dead by Arya in Season 4 is her former traveling partner the Hound — Sandor Clegane.

He's been on her list for a while now, but after the uneasy bond forged by the two it's uncertain if she really wanted him dead — especially when you consider that dialogue exchange from Season 6, Episode 3:

Arya: "Arya Stark left him to die. He was on her list. [She reconsiders] He was not on her list anymore."
Waif: "Why? Didn't she want him dead any longer?"
Arya: "She did and she did not."
Waif: "She sounds confused."
Arya: "Yes. She was."

The Hound is currently believed to be dead, but the signs pointing otherwise are just too tantalizing to ignore.

Who do you think will be scratched off Arya's list next? Tell us in the comments below!


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