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When French wrestler André René Roussimoff first made a name for himself in his country's wrestling rings in the late 60s, little did he know that he was well on his way to becoming known as The Eighth Wonder of the World' for his incredible 7'4" and 520lb stature. As a result of his almost superhuman attributes, with time he became one of the most iconic inductees into the WWF Hall of Fame.

That's not even to mention his illustrious acting career; André famously appeared as bandit Fezzik in the 1987 favorite The Princess Bride:

Ultimately, you can't argue that in his 46 years on this planet until his untimely death as a result of congestive heart failure, André the Giant achieved a great deal and now, it appears that this very fact is about to be celebrated in the most Hollywood of ways.

It has just been announced that Lion Forge Comics and producers Scott Steindorff and Dylan Russell are well on their way to developing a full feature film about André's life.

Andre at Olympic Auditorium Battle Royal in 1976
Andre at Olympic Auditorium Battle Royal in 1976

Apparently, the idea was heavily inspired by a graphic novel published recently called Andre the Giant: Closer to Heaven, which recounts events from the wrestler's early life working on his family's farm in France, all the way to his rise through the World Wresting Federation. Speaking of the reasons behind the decision to present the above to cinema audiences around the world, Steindorff said:

“Andre the Giant rode the wave of the rise of wrestling in America, while suffering from the painful health condition of gigantism — there’s an Elephant Man story here.”

Indeed, it is well known that André's size was the result of a condition caused by an excess in growth hormone, which later resulted in acromegaly. The latter is an extremely rare syndrome that often leads to severe disfigurement and fatal complications.

Andre the Giant | Credit: Marty Lederhandler
Andre the Giant | Credit: Marty Lederhandler

CEO of Lion Forge, David Steward II, also contributed his opinion as to why his production company decided to push for a biopic of the infamous wrestler's life, saying:

"As a lifelong wrestling fan, I can say with conviction that no one was bigger than Andre. His presence and charisma were so powerful, and you could tell there was much more to him under the surface of his ring persona. It’s been an amazing experience telling that story in the book with Robin’s help. With all the spectacle, action, and emotion there on the page, a feature film just made perfect sense."
Andre with young daughter Robin
Andre with young daughter Robin

Additionally, it has been confirmed that Roussimoff's daughter Robin Christensen-Roussimoff is on board to consult producers and writers on the upcoming film, to ensure all details are in line with her father's biography. She added:

“I’m really excited to watch this story come to life on the big screen. It’s been a labor of love for everyone involved, and we’re really looking forward to making it available to a larger audience.”

Are you looking forward to an André the Giant biopic?



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