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Yesterday, started trending on Twitter again in honor of — well, in honor of cheesy and hilarious puns on movie names. The Twitterverse put forth its best (and worst) twists on film titles combined with articles of clothing. Here are the top 40 best-dressed tweets.

1. An ex assassin wakes up from a coma in the Highlands of Scotland.

2. Giant turtles go to great lengths to keep their trim figures.

3. One baby crawls across the world in search of true identity.

4. Notorious drug kingpin prepares for harsh winter.

5. Is there anything Bruce Willis can knot do?

6. Indy discovers a mysterious secret that Levis beneath the surface of the fashion industry.

7. The story of every girl in an over-airconditioned building.

8. Everyone needs a little support.

9. The timeless love story of spandex and Lycra on the moors of England.

10. The Emerald City bares its arms.

11. Mittens find romance in unexpected places.

12. Well-fitting suits enable spies to infiltrate any situation.

13. Paranormal soldiers focus their powers on outerwear.

14. Highly intelligent gorillas take over kitchens across the globe.

15. Two friends drop acid and become outrageous trendsetters.

16. One man notices a strange rash on his skin and sets out to find the truth about unidentified fabric origins.

17. A single father makes his fortune in fedoras and loses his morals in the process.

18. James Bond ties up loose ends.

19. Johnny Depp plays a small-town young man with a moth infestation.

20. Frodo and his companions are torn between saving Middle Earth and showing off their shiny swag.

21. King Louis XIV has a twin brother with a dark, seductive wardrobe.

22. A worker tries to set himself apart from the colony with his stand-out fashion choices.

23. In another Robert Langdon mystery, our hero must discover what haute couture has to do with the descendants of Jesus Christ.

24. One bride lusts after the perfect headdress online, but in an ironic twist, it's the same piece she despised in the shop window.

25. Bunched up stockings force Batman out of hiding and back into Gotham City.

26. Four mismatched sweaters button together to save the universe.

27. A bunch of out of control jackets take over an island!

Jurassic Parka (Friends)
Jurassic Parka (Friends)

28. A New York reporter introduces one savvy crocodile to the world of under garments.

29. A hunter can't resist dressing up in the aftermath of an abandoned fashion show.

30. An uptight psychiatrist can't seem to let his hair down after meeting an eccentric and lovable hairpin.

31. A young law student uncovers the wrong pair of tighty whiteys in this gripping thriller.

32. One young set of underpants faces unprecedented responsibility after the washing machine dies.

33. One closet is about to pull off the perfect outfit, when a certain statement piece turns out to be a turncoat.

34. Will one scarf be able to wrap up the zombie apocalypse?

35. Two cops discover that trying to pose as a farmer and mechanic is trickier than they'd ever imagined.

36. Teenage runaway rises to new heights while passing off cheap acrylic blend fabrics as the real thing.

37. One fashion designer descends into plaidness.

38. When the oil dries up, this summery staple is the only hope for the future.

39. A reporter tries to redeem his good name by joining the mythical creatures ballet.

40. Giant ape just says no to visible panty lines.

What's your best pun?


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