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We may not have seen much footage from Star Trek Beyond itself, but everything we've heard so far from the cast and filmmakers have set this threequel up to be one of the best movies in the franchise yet. No, really. Beyond will follow the Enterprise crew a few years into their five-year mission, as they strike out from Earth and encounter a vicious villain. This would be Idris Elba's Krall, who has a vendetta against the Federation which challenges the crew to re-examine their views on Starfleet, even as they work to stop Krall's plan.

But before the crew can get very far, they find themselves stranded on an alien planet, separated, and forced to work with unlikely allies like Sofia Boutella's enigmatic warrior, Jaylah.

Idris Elba as Krall in 'Beyond.'
Idris Elba as Krall in 'Beyond.'

So far this plot seems ripped straight from an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series, as many classic episodes saw the crew stranded on an away mission, working with unlikely friends, and challenged to look beyond their preconceptions. And as it turns out, this isn't just a happy accident, but a deliberate choice to emulate what made TOS so popular.

A Return To Form

In an interview with the magazine Famous Monsters, actor John Cho (Sulu) revealed what he feels is the best part of Beyond.

"When I read the script, my emotional impression was that it felt very much like the best of the original series. It felt like the series felt to me. And the first [film] that we made didn’t entirely feel like that to me."
Jaylah helps out Bones and Spock in 'Beyond'.
Jaylah helps out Bones and Spock in 'Beyond'.

Unlike J.J. Abrams, who put his own stylistic stamp on the Star Trek films, new director Justin Lin seems set to remind viewers of what they loved from the first Trek films. According to Cho, Lin was heavily influenced by the TV shows.

"[Justin Lin] cared about the mythology, he cared about the world, he cared about getting it right, he cared about moving the characters forward."

Honestly, this is probably the best thing for the franchise right now. Although Abrams's Trek films do have their fans, many people became disillusioned with this era after Into Darkness' critical flop. Abrams wanted to strike out from Trek's history, but it seems as though Lin and Pegg are more concerned with honoring Trek's legacy: We also learned recently that Pegg consulted with the authors of the Trek wiki Memory Alpha while writing Beyond's script.

Scotty and Jaylah in 'Beyond.'
Scotty and Jaylah in 'Beyond.'

But it's not just about repeating elements that made TOS so popular: Cho also revealed that Beyond will develop the characters and their relationships, telling a more human story.

"What you’re going to get when you ask Simon Pegg to pen a script is a very human touch, and a warm touch. And there are some funny moments. But I think he and [co-writer Doug Jung], from what I could tell, were constantly looking for connections between the characters. And that, from the cast perspective, was spectacular."

With two other films exploring this version of the characters, and after several years of their five year mission, it's going to be interesting to discover how the crew dynamic has shifted.

The new Enterprise crew.
The new Enterprise crew.

All in all, Beyond seems to be in the perfect position reinvigorate the franchise. From references to the original canon, to interesting themes, to finally giving the female officers a rank on their uniforms, there's plenty of reasons to be excited for Beyond. Here's hoping we get that second trailer soon!

Which is your favorite Star Trek film?

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