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Over his incredibly colorful career, Michael Jackson brought in a kaleidoscope of great directors to bring his musical visions to life for loyal audiences all over the world. A perfect case example is of course "Thriller," a long-form music video (and consequently a fantastic horror short!) stunningly directed by John Landis.

And just when we've thought we had deciphered every lyric and visual contribution by the King of Pop that's out there, another wonderful creation surfaces out of nowhere.

The Addams Family
The Addams Family

It appears that in 1993, Michael Jackson combined artistic forces with director Mick Garris to put together another long-form contribution to the music video world. Titled "Is It Scary?" the mini feature was meant to coincide with the soundtrack for the release of Addams Family Values.

However, as with many things in Hollywood, the song did not end up appearing alongside the movie, and was instead completed later by sound and visual effects icon Stan Winston. Since it's recent republication on YouTube, the rare footage has certainly taken the Internet by storm.

So without much further hesitation, here's the 12-minute video in its full glory, complete with MJ's — quite frankly — terrifying facial expressions:

Since the video resurfaced, director Mick Garris took to his Facebook page to shed some light on the origins of "Is It Scary?":

This was a REALLY rough early cut we did when I was directing this Michael Jackson film when it was called 'IS THIS SCARY?' (Three years later, it was greatly expanded and retitled 'Michael Jackson’s GHOSTS'). It was before we ever got to the intended songs, as we never shot those. It was originally planned as promotion for 'ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES.' Stan Winston was in charge of the makeup and visual effects, and took over as director when I went off to make 'THE SHINING.' I have no idea how this got out, but it’s fascinating to revisit it all these years later. It became, and remains, by far the most expensive music video ever made. The original script was by Stephen King.

So, are you scared?



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