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Although the Kardashians are hardly renowned for their promotion of natural beauty, the middle sister of the reality-TV clan has just come clean about the real reason behind that infamous selfie touch-up and the reality is way more tragic than you first thought.

You may remember back in February when Khloe uploaded the below shot — plus a few alterations — to her 48 million Instagram followers. Captioned: "I just trying to be better than I used to be. I compete with myself. Thanks to @gurufitness for kicking my ass today," she immediately came under fire for editing an already flawless pic.

Re-uploading the original, un-retouched shot, Khloe amended the description:

"If only hatin burned calories how dope yall would be," she wrote. "Too bad it doesn't. Here's the OG shot. The petty movement ain't cute. Oh and I almost forgot.... Namaste."

Now on her website, KhloeWithAk, the 31-year-old discusses the real reason behind the picture alteration, and it's probably not for “the reason you think it is.”

Khloe Kardashian's website 'Khloe With A K'
Khloe Kardashian's website 'Khloe With A K'

Although fans attacked the star for slimming down her torso, it would appear that that wasn't at all what she was trying to achieve:

"Whenever I post a picture of my legs on Instagram, everyone comments on how f*cked up my knees look. It’s because I’ve had reconstructive surgery, you assh*les."

At the age of 16, Khloe Kardashian was in a serious car accident that sent her upper body through the windshield, with her legs caught under the steering wheel. Alongside suffering significant head trauma, she underwent several surgeries to repair the damage sustained on her right knee.

“My right leg is an inch and a half thinner than my left because my muscles deteriorated and never recovered.
“It’s funny because everyone made a big stink about this Instagram photo because I Photoshopped it. Yes, I did Photoshop it, but I was trying to make my thinner leg look bigger to match my other leg!!! All I want are big, thick thighs and I hate how skinny my legs are.”

Certainly puts that trolling into perspective, doesn't it?

What do you think should be done to stop body shaming online?

Source: KhloeWithAK


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