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Veteran character actor William Schallert, a longstanding presence in both television and film thanks to roles in the '60s favorite The Patty Duke Show, True Blood and hundreds more, died on Sunday at age 93.

Schallert on The Patty Duke Show
Schallert on The Patty Duke Show

Schallert's son, Edwin Schallert, informed the press that his father passed away at his home in Pacific Palisades, California. No other details have been released about his death.

Fans across generations have been mourning his death thanks to the broad appeal of Schallert's roles and the formidable length of his career in the industry. Those familiar with The Patty Duke Show also took note of the fact that Schallert's death came just months after his TV daughter, Patty Duke passed away.

Beginning his career in the late '40s after serving in WWII, Schallert was a presence on the stage before the screen after founding the Circle Theatre which allowed him to act in over twenty plays. One, according to the New York Times, alongside the legendary Charlie Chaplin.

The versatile actor made his film debut in 1947 in The Foxes of Harrow and throughout his career, which included roles in Star Trek, Desperate Housewives, Gremlins and How I Met Your Mother, he racked up a staggering 380 credits in a variety of genres on both the small and silver screen.

William Schallert in 'True Blood'
William Schallert in 'True Blood'

Along with acting, Schallert was the president of the Screen Actors Guild from 1979 to 1981, and during his tenure he founded the Committee for Performers With Disabilities along with leading a three-month-long strike over pay TV rights.

Below are some of the tributes from those remembering Schallert's life on Twitter:

Star Trek

Star Trek took the time to honor a memorable guest star who truly lived long and prospered.

Bruce Campbell

Horror icon Bruce Campbell admired Schallert's ability to take on any role that was thrown at him and run with it.

Adam Nimoy

Adam Nimoy remembers a fun time on the Star Trek set while Schallert was filming "The Trouble With Tribbles."

Chip Coffey

TV medium Chip Coffey waxed nostalgic remembering the good old days when Schallert played the patriarch of the Duke family.

Melissa Gilbert

Michigan congress hopeful, Melissa Gilbert took a moment to remember a friend who also happened to be SAG president and an actor.

Schallert is survived by his sons Edwin, Joseph, Mark and Brendan and his seven grandchildren.

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