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Captain America: Civil War, the latest Marvel movie currently racking up the box office dollars and the praise of comic book fans, builds on one main debate: Should the actions of superheroes be controlled by a governmental organization? The split between those, led by Cap, who believe they should be free to intervene whenever they please, and the ones siding with Iron Man on the idea that it's in their best interest to collaborate with the United Nations, is where the civil war opposing the Avengers starts.

And the trigger of that debate is quite simple: casualties. Even if they step in to save the world, the Avengers can't prevent doing damage around them, which sometimes involves nearby people getting killed. If you add to that the villains they actually intend to kill, how many victims have they actually made?

How Many People Has Iron Man Killed?

Mild spoiler warning for Captain America: Civil War!

To give us an idea of one superhero's kill count, Mr Sunday Movies has patiently compiled all the times Iron Man's blast has brought down an enemy — or accidentally hit passers-by. He even includes a separate robot count!

In total, Iron Man's slate holds 75,157 kills and 76 robots destroyed. It's a staggering number compared to Captain America's 14,089 kills, the breakdown of which you can watch here. That includes very few non-intended victims, since the video doesn't think Ultron's massacre in Sokovia should be added to Iron Man's own kills (even though Ultron was created by him).

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios

Has he reached the end of his fire-blasting suit days, though? We'll let you watch Captain America: Civil War to find out.

Do you think that's a reasonable amount of kills for a superhero such as Iron Man?


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