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Damn, Bucky's got game!

We all had a teenage crush when we were younger, there's no denying it. We always used to dream about meeting our crush and what we would say and do if we met them. We would plan it out, when in reality we would become a nervous wreck, stutter, and then faint. Well, that's all of us, except Sebastian Stan. Recently on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Stan got to meet his teen crush Sharon Stone and lived every teenage boy's dream.

During the show Stan makes it perfectly clear that he was infatuated with the Basic Instinct star at a young age, and still to this day by the looks of things.

"I've been meaning to tell you this for a while, probably about 15 years. I feel like I've seen you my whole life. Here you are in person and you look so great."

You can just tell that he has been rehearsing this in the mirror since day one. It was at this point that host James Corden started to point out that he was "fully going for it" by hitting on Sharon Stone. Stan laughed this off and replied: "There's hope yet for us." Yes there is Sebastian, yes there is.

When Corden questioned Stan on how one would ask Sharon Stone out on a date in Romanian, Stan proceeded to ask the Casino actress, but he was not expecting the reply he got.

Would you bite me in the neck?

Stan, like any other man, then reached in to bite Sharon Stones neck and then exclaimed: "You made me do it!" I'm in disbelief that I just wrote that sentence. Afterwards, Stone then revealed that she thought that Stan was "pretty cute." Stan looked more like the Summer Soldier as his face went 50 Shades of Red in complete shock and embarrassment. Do we blame him though?

Stan quickly regained his composure and started to look more like his Gossip Girl character than Bucky Barnes. When asked if he was excited to be here, Stan said that he was excited, thanked Corden for letting him meet Sharon Stone, and then proceeded to hold her hand and rest it on her knee. Now we understand how he could instantly woo Serena Van Der Woodsen — what a guy.

It's interesting to note that Stone revealed that she has a "wee part" in an upcoming Marvel title. While this is rumored to be Janet van Dyne, who in the present day is dead, if it is revealed that she is playing another role entirely I would love to see the writers come up with a hilarious interaction between her character and Barnes.

Stone and Stan capped of their flirtatious interaction by taking a photo together in a booth. Sebastian Stan, we salute you!

Who's your Hollywood crush?


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