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It's been nearly a decade since we've seen a quality Zorro movie. Now, our favorite swashbuckling hero is sent to return. The famed masked stranger has been unmasked for our eyes, that is the actor who will be portraying the swordfighter has been cast. Last time we saw Zorro, he was being played by famed actor Antonio Banderas (who was trained himself by Anthony Hopkins) in the 2005 hit Legend of Zorro (a sequel to 98’s Mask of Zorro). So without further ado let me introduce you to our new Zorro!

Gael García Bernal

In the Jonás Cuarón directed reboot, currently titled Z, Bernal will take on the legendary hero of the west. The actor most recently won a Golden Globe for his role in Mozart in the Jungle. However, this reboot will test not only the stars acting abilities but also (hopefully) his swordfighting skills. Which brings us to the biggest question so far:

Will there be sword fighting?

From Gypsy King's Zorro the Musical
From Gypsy King's Zorro the Musical

This might seem like a no brainer as it is essential to the Zorro mythos, but the few details we have about the film make this an interesting question. Whereas all the other Zorro films have taken place in a time and place of which battling with a sword was common place, this reboot is to take place in the future! Even in the present day, fighting you foes with a pointed object isn't going to get you very far, so will swords be making a comeback in the movie’s timeline? Or will Zorro learn how to fight using other means? Or will he take a Batman-esque approach and fight his gun totting enemies with hand to hand combat (and of course his awesome sword)? All we can do is wait to see what happens and hope we’ll see Bernal slice some Z’s into his enemies. If Zorro is using a sword, then the next question has to be:

Who will be his villain?

Every good hero movies need an equally as bad villain (bad as in evil, not bad as in poorly done). The Mask of Zorro and the Legend of Zorro both had fantastic villains. I would personally love to see a brand new villain (perhaps played by Antonio Banderas as a nod to the previous films) arise in the reboot, but the Zorro mythos is full of fascinating villains, one of whom I think could be perfect for a film set in the future

Don Del Oro

The Prince of Gold. An imposing figure who uses his massive stockpile of wealth to influence people and commit the most vile deeds imaginable. This character would easily translate to the future, as we become increasingly concerned with what people of great wealth are capable of. The movie could show us a wealthy philanthropist, who secretly uses his money to achieve his mischievous goals. Oro also has a super menacing golden mask, that could be really cool to see in color (as the last iteration of the character was done in black and white). If an acclaimed business man rose to power, and was loved by all the people, it would be a great way for Zorro to follow his Robin Hood like path. Furthermore, it could paint Zorro out as a bad guy to the general public. A menace who attacks a well liked rich man. However, like the hero he is, Zorro wouldn't let public opinion sway him away from doing the right thing. In the end, we could see Zorro unmask the villain and win his true love. Speaking of which:

Who will play our leading lady?

Penelope Cruz at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival
Penelope Cruz at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival

In this day and age, we don't want a typical damsel in distress as we’ve seen in previous Zorro movies. We want to see a women capable of protecting herself and being an equal in the eyes of Zorro. My top choice would be Penelope Cruz. The Spanish Enchantress has proven herself as a capable actress, and even more importantly, an all around badass. We’ve seen her skills with a sword in the swashbuckling Pirates of the Caribbean and she looked quite at home handling the dangerous object. From what I've seen of our leading man, I believe he and Penelope would have great on screen chemistry as well.

So there you have it! Some awesome news on a film you might not have known was being made. I for one am incredibly excited to see what happens with this iteration of the masked stranger. Bernal will be joining an impressive list of actors to don the mask. Hopefully we will be seeing a compelling villain, a powerful leading lady, and some see inspiring fight scenes! I can't wait to see what a future trailer will have in store for us!


What are you most excited for in the Zorro reboot?


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