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He stars on Teen Wolf, he stars in The Maze Runner franchise, and now Dylan O'Brien may land a star making role which may change his career as an actor forever and for the better.

American Assassin is a bestselling Novel written by Vince Flynn, and now it's being made into a movie which will be a spy drama and thriller. A story centered around counter terrorism agent Mitch Rapp.

Dylan O'Brien is in negotiation with CBS Films to play the lead. A final deal will be made very soon, and the film will have it's star. Dylan will play the main character, Mitch Rap, a CIA super agent and a terrorist’s worst nightmare, who ruthlessly carries out covert counter-terrorist operations.

The character of Mitch is a complex character with a complicated and tragic past. Portraying this character will be somewhat of a new challenge for Dylan, a challenge he will no doubt overcome. With his experience acting in complicated and dramatic roles, Dylan fits the dynamic of the movie quite well.

Michael Keaton will be playing Stan Hurley, a tough war veteran who is somewhat of a mentor to the young assassin Mitch. The duo will be sent on a dangerous mission to stop an incident that could incite World War III.

These two brilliant actors starring alongside each other is sure to be a real treat.

Directed by Michael Cuesta, produced by Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and Nick Wechsler with a screenplay adapted by Stephen Schiff.

The American Assassin book series consists of 12 books, this movie will hopefully be a start of a series of films. Production will begin this fall, seeing as Dylan O'Brien is still recovering from his accident on set of The Death Cure, the filming schedule will have to be based around his recovery. Having Dylan on board will surely mean great things for this movie since he already has a huge fan base himself and an enormous amount of talent.

Dylan is set to star in the movie Deepwater Horizon in September, and he will be starring in The Death Cure movie in 2017. Hopefully American Assassin will be yet another project he can add to his ever expanding resume.


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