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Following on from Part I, here are another six of the best superhero movie trailers that we have been treated to as of 2016. As I said earlier, trailers have become an important part of the way we consider and discuss our favourite movies. Because of the thrilling nature of comic-book movies, we've been treated to many exciting trailers that have been made to entice us into seeing them.

But which are the most successful? Which are the most memorable?

Scroll down to see the final picks from the huge back-catalogue of awesome trailers!

6. Marvel’s Avengers (2012) (Trailer 1)

Appetites had already been whetted long before this teaser for Marvel's Avengers. This massive movie was culmination of more than four years-worth of movie making, but after this trailer hit the internet, enthusiasm became almost feverish.

With explosions and action aplenty, as well as excerpts of each team member’s recruitment, camaraderie and squabbles with each other, the magnificence of Marvel’s scope began to be unveiled.

The panning shot at the end is evidence of this in itself; a shot of the team might seem like a rote inclusion to the casual movie goer, but to comic book fans who had dreamed of seeing their icons together on screen, this shot was anything but.

5. Watchmen (2009) (Teaser Trailer 1)

I know that in my introduction, I said that I wasn’t ranking these trailers. However, if I was, this entry would definitely be vying for first place. Alternating between gloomy and dazzling visuals, we get a sense of the story's grittiness, its other-worldliness, and its lack of exposition ensures that the trailer, and the movie, is mysterious and compelling.

Similarly its deliberate pulsing beat, and the crooning of The Smashing Pumpkins’ make it one of the slowest and most atmospheric of all superhero trailers.

Incidentally, the song playing (‘The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning’) was also used in the soundtrack for Batman and Robin (1997). A nice bit of trivia for y'all.

4. Iron Man (2008) (Teaser Trailer 1)

As shocking as it now seems, we weren’t as familiar with the output of Marvel Studios in 2008. However, looking back ,the ingredients are all there: a light-hearted picture, with a great cast and thrilling set pieces. It proved to be quite the antithesis to the other 2008 hit, The Dark Knight.

The full extent of Tony Stark’s snark had yet to be unleashed upon the world, but we get a bout of it here in our first glimpse of Robert Downey Jr's charismatic outing.

Swanky surroundings, beautiful women, cool weapons, lurking terrorists and a lingering sequence where Iron Man breaks the sound barrier, accompanied by the strumming of Black, this Iron Man movie looks cool, doesn’t it?

3. The Dark Knight (2008) (Teaser Trailer 1)

Like many of these teasers, this one is slight on the story details- but this is in no way detrimental. Welcoming back Christian Bale’s highly perturbed Batman, we are introduced to Heath Ledger’s Joker. Like the movie, his use here is relatively sparse (apart from the voice-over), but the potency of his performance ensures that he dominates the teaser.

With Hans Zimmer’s bombastic score heightening the proceedings, the trailer promises the thrilling ride that the movie would deliver.

And that final laugh from Ledger? Chilling.

2. The Incredibles (2004) (Teaser Trailer 1)

This one is a bit of a left-field choice, since it’s an original superhero story and not directly lifted from the comics. Revolving around Mr Incredible’s attempts to suit up, this sequence is a self-contained short, and doesn’t feature in the finished movie.

It’s quite a refreshing inclusion on this list, since it teases the tone of the film without giving away any plot points or shots from the theatrical product. Indeed, Pixar was prone to producing shorts such as this to promote their movies, yet the practice has seemingly declined in recent years.

This trailer for The Incredibles is exemplary due to the juxtaposition of the relatable situation, with the extraordinary nature of the superhero; it helps that its also hilarious.

1. Spider-Man (2002) (Rare Teaser Trailer)

This sizzle reel-esque teaser was pulled from release following the September 11th Attacks (watch it and you’ll see why). But it’s filled with striking, memorable images, which are certainly helpful if you're trying to market a movie.

Sure, its hugely cheesy and stilted by today’s standards, but it does what it says on the tin; it teases some New York-based, wall-crawling action without giving much (if anything) of the plot away, something which the latter teasers did a plenty.

And those shots of Spidey swinging are still spectacular, and rival those seen in later installments, as well as in The Amazing Spider-Man movie series.

And there we have it!

From the thrilling to the thoughtful, the best superhero trailers from Marvel, DC and beyond! But don't go thinking that this is the end! With countless superhero movies scheduled to be released over the next decade, we are sure to have even more examples of terrific trailers to enjoy.

Maybe there will be new additions to this list within the next few years? Who knows?!


Which of these trailers is your favourite?


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