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In the 11 seasons of the hit show 'Supernatural' there have been many villains, ranging from pains in the ass to really Big Bads. So that got me thinking (always a dangerous proposition) about who are the biggest and baddest baddies of them all?

Before we start, an honorable mention has to go out to our heroes, because they've been some pretty bad-ass villains themselves from time to time. Cas-viathan, Casifer, Soulless Sam, Vengeful Ghost Bobby, Demon Dean, and of course 'Mark of Cain' Dean. They usually overcome the nastiness, but the scars remain. So, here is my list of the top 10 baddies. Prepare to disagree!

#10 - The Angels

Let's face it. A lot of the angels in 'Supernatural' are, well, dicks. Angels have great PR, and some of them are good, but most are basically warriors who will do anything in service to the Big Man. Whether it be Metatron, Raphael, Balthazar, Gadreel, Uriel, or Zachariah (MAJOR dick), they have been a thorn in the side of the boys for years now.

#9 - The Demons

As in the lower level variety - not the Big Bads, but the minions that wreak havoc and raise hell - sometimes literally! You know the ones I mean: Meg, Ruby, Alastair, and more Crossroads Demons than you can shake a stick at!

#8 - Lilith

The bitch that held Dean's crossroads contract, the one who sent Dean-o to hell, and the one who duped Sam into raising Lucifer from Hell. Yeah, she was BAD news!

#7 - Abaddon

One of the two remaining 'Knights of Hell' (with her master Cain), Abaddon was the Big Bad responsible for wiping out the 'Men of Letters' back in the day. In present day, she butts heads with Crowley over who will be the King (or Queen) of Hell. This doesn't sit well with the boys, so the battle ensues. With the help of Crowley, Dean (who now possesses 'The Mark of Cain') offs her with the 'First Blade', Cain's weapon of choice.

#6 - Crowley

Former punk-ass Crossroads Demon, Crowley rose to King of Hell status, only to have many demons challenge his throne. He has been a sort of 'frenemy' to the boys, and has a special bond with Dean, ever since he resurrected him after his death at the hands of Metatron (including turning him into Demon Dean).

#5 - Death

The oldest and most powerful of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Death has crossed paths with the boys on many occasions, including helping them cage Lucifer, and restoring Sam's soul after Sam was rescued from Lucifer's cage. He perished by his own scythe at the hands of Dean, which in turn unleashed 'The Darkness' upon the world. But don't count out this junk food lovin' Angel of Death - my guess is we haven't seen the last of him.

And I can't resist showing everyone his entrance onto the show: hands down the best ever!

#4 - Azazel/AKA 'Yellow Eyes'

courtesy CW
courtesy CW

The granddaddy of them all! He was the demon who started John, Sam, and Dean on their mission. By infecting Sam and other 6 month old babies with his demon blood, Ol' Yellow Eyes attempted to grow a demon army for war with the human race. Oh, and he burned up the boys mom, in addition to Sammy's girlfriend - OUCH!

John escaped from hell just long enough to help Dean gank Yellow Eyes with the magic Colt pistola, but the damage was done. But without him, we wouldn't have a show, right?

#3 - Dick Roman

Yes, he was the leader of the Leviathans, who were mistakenly released by Castiel in his ill-fated GOD phase, but he's here for ONE reason and one reason only. HE KILLED BOBBY! That's enough for me. Dean and Cas eventually offed this Dick, but in doing so they get sent to Purgatory for their troubles. Bummer!

#2 - Amara/AKA 'The Darkness'

courtesy CW
courtesy CW

This one is about as bad as bad gets - she is the sister of GOD, and as good as he is, she's just as bad. Back in the day GOD/AKA Chuck, would create worlds and souls out of loneliness, only to have Amara destroy them. He is the bringer of life and light, she is the bringer of destruction and darkness. Clearly this couldn't go on, so GOD created some archangels and tried to destroy her. Didn't really work. So his next move was to team up with Lucifer and seal her away, using 'The Mark' as the lock and key. Dean's smiting of Death (see above) unlocked 'The Mark' and set her free. As of now all bets are off as to how this will turn out with her, but she is a no doubt major bad-ass in the universe of 'Supernatural'.

#1 - Lucifer

Here he is - the ultimate Big Bad! Once GOD's favorite, he used Lucifer and 'The Mark' he bestowed on him to seal away 'The Darkness' and create the world we now inhabit. But 'The Mark' corrupted Lucifer, and he became jealous of GOD's creation, man. This caused the rift that ultimately sent Lucifer to Hell, but not before he passed "The Mark' to Cain. Creator of Demons, and the main cause of evil in the world, how could he NOT be numero uno? In addition to all that, he possessed and tortured our buddies Sam and Cas to no end! But my guess is it won't be long before he regains his throne as The King of Hell - sorry, Crowley!

So, those are the greatest villains throughout Supernatural in my opinion, but what do you think? Let me know in the comments below!


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