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Early reception among critics of X-Men: Apocalypse has been lack-lustre to say the least. With words such as "formulaic", "exhausted", and "grinding our interest to dust" being used to describe Fox's latest instalment, it's understandable why some might choose to go an see Civil War for eighth time instead of spending their hard-earned cash on a film that may leave them a little disappointed. However, here's why you should still consider seeing it:

Critics Aren't Always Right

There have been many examples where critics have flat-out got it wrong in the past. They have often over-praised a bad movie, or under-praised a great move. Martin Scorsese's Raging Bull is now considered a cult-classic, but at the time of it's release it was met with mediocre reviews. The same can be said for Star Wars and Lawrence of Arabia. Now not even in my wildest dreams am I expecting Apocalypse to reach these dizzying heights in cinematic's history. However I am saying that it shows that critics don't always draw accurate conclusions on how good a film is based on their initial opinions. They also thought The Phantom Menace and The Crystal Skull were great movies as well, just saying.

It's One of the Last Times You'll Get to See Wolverine

It's official, Hugh Jackman will be sporting the grizzly side-burns and adamantium claws not much longer. This will be one of the last times you'll get to see Wolverine, or at least Hugh Jackman's incarnation of Wolverine. He'll also be armed with his be-loved adamantium claws rather than those twig-like claws we got in X-Men Origins and Days of Future Past! This means Wolverine will be at his optimum level of bad-assury. That alone is worth paying the price of admission for! Or At least I hope it is!

Bryan Singer Is Now Very Much Back in the Driver's Seat

Ever since the disappointing yet extremely impactful release of X-Men: The Last Stand, Singer has had to produce his X-Men releases whilst dancing around the consequences of The Last Stand's disastrous movie choices. However, Days of Future Past thankfully eradicated much of the damage done by the franchise's third instalment. This means that Apocalypse will be the first X-Men film Singer will have total control of since X-2's release in 2003. Given that X-2 is now considered one of the best superhero movies to-date despite a packed genre, this bodes well for how Apocalypse may be viewed in the future as well. It's also worth adding that on many people's list of greatest superhero films of all-time, Days of Future Past often ranks even higher up on that list!

The Quicksilver Sequence

Talking of Days of Future Past, fans and critics alike fell in love with a new arrival to the X-Men cast in that movie, in the form of the quick-lipped and the, well literally quick; Quicksilver. And a large part of this love stemmed from the now infamous prison escape scene. Well legend is that Apocalypse is going to have an action sequence just like it, but even better! Even the harshest of critics haven't been able to deny the quality of not only this action scene, but the overall quality of action contained within the film. So if you're looking for an action thrill ride, Apocalypse is unlikely to disappoint.

It's Good for the Competition

Look I admit this is a pretty boring point to make, and to many it's an irrelevant one, but it is worth mentioning. With the disappointing reception of Batman V Superman putting into question the viability of the DCU, and Sony now loaning it's character of Spider Man to Disney, Fox is the only real competition left against the MCU. This means that if the X-Men franchise begins to die out as well, then we'll only really have Deadpool to go up against the MCU. Competition breeds quality as studios know they have to put out their best material if they're going to convince audiences to go and see their movie instead of the competition. So with this in mind, going to see X-Men: Apocalypse will help maintain the quality of superhero films in the long-term. If Disney gains the monopoly on superhero flicks, then there's one less reason they have to maintain the quality of films they've been producing as of late!

With this in mind maybe you should wait a little before you fully decide to scribble out X-Men: Apocalypse from your must-see movies of 2016 list. Singer is an excellent director who will be directing a stella cast in the form of Oscar Isaac, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, and many, many others. It's also the first time he'll be in full control of his X-Men universe in over a decade and there is a lot of action to look forward to in this movie! Maybe, just maybe, you should still consider going to see it! And if not, there's always Suicide Squad around the corner!


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