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Fan Theory Tuesday ... Okay it doesn't quite roll off the tongue as much as Fan Theory Thursday would. But hey, it's Tuesday!

Since the very first edition to the MCU Stan Lee, former president of Marvel Comics, has been making his cameos and what started out as a little bit of fun has become a must for any movie taking part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and even some that aren't!

When we talk about the MCU and the vast level of attention to detail, plot devices and character development Stan Lee doesn't tend too come up much and he really should. We all know that the cameos are a nod too one of the greatest writers and artists of comic book history. Or are they?

If you hadn't guessed, or just haven't heard yet, there is a widely speculated theory that puts Stan Lee right into the middle of the action as 'The Watcher'.

Okay, so his head might be large ... but bear with
Okay, so his head might be large ... but bear with

For those that don't know about this ambiguous character, he is mainly one of mystery. He was created by Stan Lee himself back in the 1960's and is said too be one of the oldest beings within the Marvel Universe. He is a part of a race that observes and 'watches' the universe. The Watcher himself is tasked with, well, watching over Earth, its events and its heroes.

The watcher shows up whenever something big goes down, he makes sure never to intervene, but always makes sure that he is aware of what is happening. It would make sense that an immortal being, with god knows what power, would be able to conceal himself, maybe even in the body of an old man?

Stan Lee/The Watcher in Ant Man
Stan Lee/The Watcher in Ant Man

It wouldn't be crazy at this point to assume that's why none of the Avengers, or anyone else for that matter, ever recognises him. He's been in close proximity to them for years, having met Stark twice now and has drank with Thor and Cap.

But it doesn't just stop there. It even means that there could be a possibly of piecing all the Marvel movies together one day and not just the ones now created by Disney. Im talking Sony, Fox and the whole gang, yes even Big Hero 6. Whilst this seems like something that will never happen, please god let it happen, it's fun to imagine a world where Deadpool and Starlord get to meet.

Stan Lee/The Watcher in Big Hero 6
Stan Lee/The Watcher in Big Hero 6

Okay so it might be a stretch to say, it might even be crazy.

But one last thought. What if he ISN'T the watcher. What if ... we are?


Stan Lee, the Watcher?


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