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With so much speculation surrounding the production of Star Wars: Episode VIII, the potential famous cameos we will be seeing in the film haven't even got a look in yet. In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we saw (or rather, didn't see) the faces of Daniel Craig, Simon Pegg, Ewan McGregor and Kevin Smith, and it's only to be expected that the sequel will see just as many, if not more, famous cameos turning up in one place or another. While we probably won't discover most of these cameos until the film is released next December (Dang nabbit, that feels far away), there is one role we may have just discovered thanks to MakingStarWars, who have shared details of a certain cameo supposed to occur during the film. That cameo?

Tom Hardy!

Yes you!
Yes you!

With practically every British actor wanting a role in a Star Wars film, it's no surprise that massive A-lister Tom Hardy has managed to squeeze his way in there. Now, what role is the highly talented, Oscar-nominated actor taking on? Is this master of action sequences playing a new Jedi or Sith? Is he a First Order or Resistance general? Nope.

Tom Hardy Is Playing A Stormtrooper!

He looks delighted about it, doesn't he? Anyway, while there weren't any big roles available for Tom (Star Wars loves the unknown actors), or even any roles where he gets his face on screen, the Mad Max: Fury Road and The Revenant star is supposedly going to get more than the regular shoot-and-miss role as a generic soldier (see what I did there?). Apparently Hardy will appear as a former colleague of Finn's (or FN-2187) from the Stormtrooper Academy, and will appear alongside him in a scene where he confronts him. It may not turn out well, as we saw what happened the last time that Finn met an old work friend.

However it may be different this time, as apparently Hardy's character will be under the impression that Finn is actually on a secret mission for the First Order, and that is why he defected to the Resistance. Hardy isn't known for his comedic roles, but apparently this scene will be a comedic misunderstanding, where Hardy spots Finn on a secret mission and stops him to congratulate him on being promoted to Resistance infiltrator. It sounds like a rather random moment, but one that will be as humorous as Daniel Craig's Stormtrooper dropping his weapon for Rey as he leaves. We'll just have to wait and see when the film comes out, but I for one am looking forward to keeping a sharp eye out for more cameos like this one!

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