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Ladies and Gentlemen…in the ultimate battle of Marvel vs DC we are proud to present you with two opposing views, a fire fueled discussion on the merits of two of Television’s greats. The_Chaos_Ninja and David Beecroft proudly present you with two different opinions on 2 insanely awesome comic book superhero shows and why the two writers love each respectably in their own way.

In this corner...we have Jessica 'Almost always drunk and not really a hero' Jones...

(Written by The_Chaos_Ninja)

Jessica Jones is a girl blessed with Super Human strength and the ability to “Not” fly, but jump great distances referred to as ‘falling with style.’ She’s a private investigator with a penchant for heavy drinking and sleeping around to kill the numbness that is her life. Her journey and story is DARK, as she lives forever traumatized by the torment, rape and mind manipulation she experienced at the hands of Killgrave, a sociopathic killer with the ability to make people do whatever he says. Did I mention that she derives from Marvel? Honestly, I never knew Marvel was capable of delivering stuff this dark. It had its moments with various Punisher comics, Wolverine material and a few others, but not on the super realistic level that Jessica Jones presents.

Krysten Ritter of ‘Breaking Bad’ fame fills the shoes of Jessica Jones. They couldn’t have made a more perfect choice as she’s a fantastic actor and has the look of someone with a troubled past. She delivers a cold, callous performance with a ton of heart and emotion at its core. She does an excellent job portraying a character always on the defensive masking her vulnerabilities from the world around. As cold as she may be at times, you still feel for her. Her pain practically leaps out of the screen, grabbing you, giving you full understanding of why she is suffering.

One thing the Marvel TV line has been doing 100% right are the villains. In just 2 different series they were able to bring forth villains of a higher calibre than anything we’ve seen thus far in their entire movie line. Dark, powerful villains that are not just brutally evil, but show a very humanistic side to them that draws in the attention of the viewer as they aren’t just mindless villains causing destruction. Kilgrave is no exception. What a unique character he is, blending in a wide assortment of characteristics ranging from being highly charismatic, troubled, spoiled brat, almost caring but not quite, homicidal, serial-killer like persona. His ability to make people do whatever he says brings a horror-like element that we haven’t seen before in the Marvel universe. Do as he says, if not, he’ll tell you to go bash your head against a wall until your dead. And you’ll do it. Even if you do exactly as he says, he still may make you jump out of a window, simply because he enjoys his power and ability to control any and every one.

The story itself follows Jessica Jones as she tries to coup with life after spending a mental infinity as the forced lover to Kilgrave. Thought to be dead, his re-emergence cuts deep and forces Jessica into fight or flight mode as we watch the trauma she experienced begin to break her down more and more each episode. Every episode acts as a painful trip down memory lane as the viewer begins to develop a deep sorrow for Jessica and a powerful hatred for Kilgrave. That is until we are given a deeper look into his world. Marvel does an excellent job at putting us into the mind of Kilgrave, giving us a deep understanding of his character to where you can almost feel sorry for him. Almost. The mental war between anti-hero and villain plays out smoothly like a solid game of chess and the story moves a long, getting darker and more twisted with each passing episode. The rest of the cast does an excellent job of filling in the spaces and creating the world around her. Each does their part instilling a world of loneliness and pain, to the point that you have to question if any light exists at all. Minor hints of goodness do exist, mainly in the form of Luke Cage. The show does a solid job in introducing Luke as Jessica’s semi-lover and setting up his solo-venture and inclusion in 'The Defenders'.

Jessica Jones is a beautifully twisted view into the underbelly of Marvel creating the most realistic world very reminiscent of our own. Sure she has super powers and extraordinary things occur frequently, but it’s done to where it isn’t hard to picture it happening in real life at this very moment. Well done Marvel, well done.

In this corner...we have 'The Sultan of Speed,' Barry 'The Flash' Allen...

(Written by David Beecroft)

The T.V show ‘The Flash’, for those that do not know (and I certainly knew nothing about it before I started watching) is about Barry Allen (played with goofy charm by Grant Gustin), a Forensic Scientist who is caught up in an explosion when a particle accelerator decides to throw a bit of a wobbly. After a prolonged snooze (or coma if you want to be accurate) Barry wakes to find he can run really, really fast. This is of course the condensed version.

The Flash, as he becomes known, is helped by a team of scientists from Star Labs (Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow and Harrison Wells) to track and capture other meta-humans who took the whole particle accelerator thing in a slightly more negative way than Barry did. I won’t go into too much more detail as I don’t want to give anything away and the point of this post is to encourage you to watch it.

So, why do I love this show? I was never much of a fan of The Flash before this. I seem to dimly recall seeing the 1990’s version of The Flash but that was 26 years ago, so you can forgive me for not remembering it clearly. My ailing memory did notice one thing whilst watching the new version and it was me thinking ‘Hold on, isn’t the dude playing Barry’s dad the same dude from 1990’s Flash?’ I was frankly astonished to find out that I was right. This is one of the reasons I love this show. In jokes abound aplenty, Easter Eggs are all over the shop and nothing is taken too seriously with the show. My favourite episode for this is ‘The Trickster’. It takes inside jokes to a new level – and has Mark Hamill, which is always a good thing.

The acting for the most part is fine. Some parts are on the cheesy side, but as we all know, cheese is great and makes anything that goes with it better. I will say that the performance by Tom Cavanagh is amazing. I can’t say why as it will spoil things, but it is really bloody good.

It is a fun show to watch that requires little thinking on my part, although I am sure others give a lot of thought to it. Who is the man in the iron mask? I have no idea, but others do. They really do. I prefer to take it easy, let the show make me laugh, watch cool fight scenes, more super-villains than you can shake a stick at and swoon a little over Danielle Panabaker.

The Flash is a really easy show to watch and get into. It is light and relaxing telly. I am not saying there is anything wrong with darker shows, (the ‘death by a thousand cuts’ scene in Jessica Jones was deliciously vicious), but after a hard day at work, sometimes I just like to come home and take it easy.

Both DC and Marvel are responsible for a constant line of classic characters in comics, on the big screen, and television. Each providing endless streams of entertainment to an audience as unique as its cast of characters. Why choose when you can enjoy the best of both worlds?

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