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Paramount pictures has just decided that the Transformers 5 release date is going to be June 23 2017. It is going to be a directed by Michael Bay who is undisputedly the best summer blockbuster director in Hollywood. Although the movie is going to be released under Paramount Pictures banner, Michael Bay will be the one of the executive producers as well through his production company Bay Films.

Transformers: The Last Knight

Paramount Pictures has also announced the official title for Transformers 5. Transformers: The Last Knight

Transformers 5 Casting Call Starts on June, 16th

The Transformers 5 shooting is slated to start on 16th June 2016 and of course the first thing to take care of is the cast and the crew. The invitations for Transformers 5 casting call are being sent out for auditions in three cities simultaneously: Los Angeles, London and Michigan. The Transformers 5 working title is going to be E75. All the cast, crew and extras must be legally eligible to work in the US and in the UK.

Transformers 5 Screenplay

Paramount Pictures are reported to have tapped Ehren Kruger for Transformers 5 screenplay. However Kruger was tied up in other projects and due to his prior commitments and scheduling conflicts, Paramount decided not to wait and go forward with the project with another writer. Finally it was announced in May 2016 that The Transformers 5 Screenplay will be written by Matt Holloway who also wrote the screenplay for Ironman. He is contracted to write the screenplay for a Transformers spin-off later in 2017 whose name is as yet undecided. Academy Award winning screenwriter Akiva Goldman is one of the producers for Transformers 5 and is also rumored to join the writers’ team.

Transformers 5 Voices - Peter Cullen to Return

Daytime Emmy Award Winner Peter Cullen is going to return to the Transformers franchise as the voice of Optimus Prime. Although other new voice actors are going to be cast but the issue for Optimus Prime’s voice is being resolved now with the casting of Peter Cullen.

Transformers 5 Cast

Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg

Judging from his obscure debut as the lead singer of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, no one could have predicted that 20 years later Mark Wahlberg would become one of the most solid actors in Hollywood. Born and raised in a tough Boston neighborhood, Wahlberg did not even have any formal training as an actor when he decided to try his hand at acting. Living in Boston which is far from the media hubs such as New York and Los Angeles, he started as a supporting actor in low budget action movies. Come 2016 and he has some of the highest grossing action comedies such as 'The Other Guys 'and 'Ted I' and 'II' on his resume.

Wahlberg is selected as the Transformers 5 lead actor as Cade Yeager. Wahlberg had rejected the Transformers 5 lead role in 2014 but when Michael Bay declared his availability for the project, Wahlberg decided to accept Paramount Studio’s offer and joined the cast.

Carmichael Can Be Seen Along Wahlberg In Transformers 5

Jerrod Carmichael fans will be delighted to know that he is in talks with Paramount pictures for Transformers 5. Carmichael became a fan favorite with his acting in the Neighbors and he is already slated to reprise his role in the sequel Neighbors 2 Sorority Rising.

Transformers 5 Plot Rumors

Michael Bay has uncharacteristically remained very tight-lipped about the Transformers 5 plot. There is a lot of speculation going on about the Transformers 5 Unicron villain return and the movie being more like a Lord of The Rings Trilogy than a sci-fi flick. Michael Bay himself has joked that he might have to channel his inner Peter Jackson during the shoot in order to make this movie successful. It might however be the worst kept secret in Hollywood because everyone interested in the movie seems to be sure that Unicron is going to be the main villain.

Transformer 5 Autobots And Decepticons

In a new development regarding Transformers 5, Autobots and Decepticons characters were purportedly leaked on internet accidentally but were quickly removed from the website before any media outlet could get hold of the images. The page claimed that Ultra Magnus, Red Alert and Override are going to be the new autobots while Cyclonus Scourge and Blitzwing will join the Decepticon Army.

Transformers 5 Steven Spielberg Style

Steven Spielberg Transformers 5  producer
Steven Spielberg Transformers 5 producer

As if the names of Michael Bay and Mark Wahlberg were not enough to whet the public appetite for Transformers 5, Paramount Pictures decided to add another feather in this movie’s cap by getting hold of Steven Spielberg as one of the two executive producers (the other executive producer being Michael Bay himself). Spielberg will work directly with Paramount instead of working through his SRK production company.

Transformers 5 Actors & 14-year-old Rising Star

Isablea Moner (Credits:FB)
Isablea Moner (Credits:FB)

The lead protagonists (Mark Wahlberg and Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime) have been decided but a ton of other roles still need to be filled. One of the names that keeps popping up in Transformer 5 updates is Stephen Merchant. The American audiences might not be very familiar with Merchant but he is best known in Britain as the co-creator of hit BBC drama The Office with Ricky Gervais. The Office went on to become one of the most popular BBC series and propelled Gervais to international stardom. Merchant’s recruitment will continue the Hollywood trend of having quirky Brits as comic sidekicks in Hollywood movies such as Simon Pegg in Mission Impossible or Steve Coogan in Tropic Thunder.

Teenage YouTube sensation Isabela Moner who is already cast member of Hundred Things To Do Before High School has confirmed that she will be a part of the Transformer 5 cast.

She confirmed that she'll star in the film with Mark Wahlberg via her twitter.

Transformer 5 Toys & Exclusive Transformers 5 Video Game

One of the most coveted toys is the Bumblebee Transformer. It is a small yellow and black robot which could be transformed into a plane or a car. Transformer 5 games are also on the way and Paramount Pictures is about to sign an exclusive contract with a prominent video game producers based in Montreal to develop and launch the Transformers 5 video game simultaneously with a line of Transformer 5 toys in June 2017 with the release of the movie. In addition to the Bumblebee transformers car, Paramount pictures has decided to introduce new transformers as well. The director and producers of the Transformer 5 movie as well as the studio executives are very tight-lipped about the nature and role of these new additions to the transformers army.

Stephen Davis, president of Hasbro Studios, confirmed Saturday at an industry conference the company has already planned the next decade of "Transformers" movies.

"We decided we wanted to plot out the next ten years of the 'Transformers' franchise, and so we got together in a room over a three-month period of time, nine of some of the most creative writers I have ever worked with," he said. "So stay tuned: 'Transformers 5' is on its way, and 6 and 7 and 8."


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