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Upon the Blu-ray/DVD release of Rober Eggers The Witch, I decided to share a little known fact about the film that maybe some haven't heard yet.

Now, I can hear many saying, "what kind of connection could Mean Girls even have with The VVitch?" Well, there may not be a big connection, but there is a connection. For those who have seen 2004's Mean Girls, you already know what a classic that film has become and whomever has seen The VVitch knows that the films are completely different.

One day I was going internet surfing and I stumbled across the IMDB page of The Witch. I began scrolling through the cast list and came upon the actor who played the witch. In my mind, I wanted to know what kind of older woman would actually play such a vile character. So I dug a bit further and came to realize that the actress who played the witch had also played the German teacher in Mean Girls.

Bathsheba Garnett in Mean Girls.
Bathsheba Garnett in Mean Girls.

Although there was not a lot of screen time for the German teacher in Mean Girls, 91-year-old actress Bathsheba Garnett most definitely found a way to burn her image of the baby eating witch into our minds. *WARNING: MINOR SPOILERS FOR THE WITCH BELOW*

Bathsheba Garnett in The Witch
Bathsheba Garnett in The Witch

For those who have seen The Witch, there is a particular scene that comes to mind whenever the film is brought up. More specifically, the stealing of the Puritan baby and what follows right after it.

In an interview with the New York Post, the 91-year-old actress was asked if it was hard to pull off such a scene. Her response:

We kill living, little, beautiful animals, so we can eat them, and that’s what the hell I did. I had to eat this child because I was hungry and he was an object. He was an animal.

Well that's delightful! I don't know about anyone else, but personally I think this woman is awesome! What's not awesome about an infant-eating witch?

Be sure to pick up your copy of The VVitch on Blu-ray and DVD!




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