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With the grand opening of [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) last weekend, many fans worldwide were treated to a Marvel-ous spectacle of the classic Civil War story adapted to the big screen for the new MCU. The movie spectacularly re-purposed the arc for use in the MCU, but many fans of both the movie and the comic arcs must now wonder what is to come of the MCU now that the Avengers have been driven apart? Has Civil War really ended? What if it never ends?

Well last year's Secret Wars crossover event gave us a peak into a world where the Civil War event never ended, and Captain America and Iron Man are continually crossed locked in battles over territory and lead factions against one another. Want to know more about this continual world of Civil War? Well here's the Top 5 Moments from Secret Wars: Civil War that will blow your mind!

5. The Fight Destroys a City and Causes a Massacre

In the Civil War comic arc, the two sides fighting one another are teleported by Cloak into above a city in St. Louis in order to gain more leg room and fight outside of Iron Man's super-prison facility. However, in Secret Wars: Civil War, the prison facility was rigged with a self-destruct function that went off as everyone got into Cloak. The resulting explosion followed the fighters out of Cloak, and Fifteen-Million people in the city died that day, including many heroes like Wasp, Daredevil, and Black Panther.

4. The World Falls Apart...and New Lines are Drawn

Following the disastrous situation in St. Louis, the fighting intensified, and villains all over tried to strike the heroes at their weakest. This included a coup of the White House on the part of Norman Osborn--The Green Goblin, which resulted in his demise as it seemed as if the heroes had come back to claim the White House on the side of good. However, this victory did not come without a price-- it was unclear whether it was Iron Man or Captain America who saved the day, and from this point on, the heroes divided the country between two factions--the Blue, led by Captain America, and the Iron, led by Iron man. The two territories are divided by a bridge, taking the phrase "choose a side" very- very literal.

3. Peter Parker becomes the new Falcon

At the end of Civil War, Peter Parker had changed sides to Captain America's, so it's not surprise that in Secret Wars, he's working as Steve's right hand man. However, he has ditched the spider-suit for Falcon's wings--most likely for maneuverability reasons as the world has become barren and flat, not a lot of surfaces for webbing to stick on. Fighting to see his family again, who live in Iron Man's territory, Peter follows Captain America in the hopes of finally bringing everyone back together--and he is the right arm of Steve Rogers, the man who's sent in to accomplish what needs to be done.

2. Kingpin becomes...King Octopus?

At some point in the ensuing chaos of the first boom in Civil War, Kingpin was able to kill Doctor Octopus and take his arms. However, fusing with the tentacles killed Wilson Fisk when the arms violently rejected the body and shocked him. However, still needing a host, Doc Oct's arms reanimated Kingpin's corpse, creating a monstrous entity Peter calls "King Oct".

1. The Blue Create a Weapon to Take out Superpowers

During this time, Hank McCoy (Beast) and Peter develop a machine that has the capacity to take away the powers of a super-powered individual. They first test it on Sandman, and despite an agonizing process, Flint Marko once again becomes a man, devoid of sand, and the Blue gain an extremely powerful asset- the ability to strip anyone of their superpowers.

And these are the Top 5 Moments in Secret Wars: Civil War that blew my mind! What do you guys think? Does this seem like a future the MCU would go through with? Or is it just simply a fun what-if story? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! And as always, thanks for reading.


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