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Roy Harper a/k/a Arsenal will be returning to Arrow for several episodes in Season Five. If Arrow fans aren't rejoicing, they should be. Roy Harper played a pivotal role first as Arrow's biggest fan then as a trusted ally. He's never been replaced, and here are five reasons why we should look forward to his reappearance.

1. When Roy returned in episode twelve of this season, he easily slipped back into the role he left, proving the level of comfort remained and showing viewers how he'd be welcomed back into the fold. With all that's happened, we need the familiarity Roy provides.

2. As Thea's boyfriend, Roy gave her someone close to her age to confide in, stand strong with, and now that she is a hero as well, they'll be able to share their experiences. With Malcolm Meryln as her father, Thea needs someone who can tell her the truth, someone she'll listen to because, let's face it, she doesn't always listen to Oliver.

3. Roy's a skilled fighter and archer and proved his worth in the field. With the Arrow team down a warrior, his skills will be an asset.

4. Roy showed his loyalty when he willingly sacrificed the only life he knew by pretending to be the Arrow. With Darhk having turned the Arrow team upside down, that kind of loyalty will be sorely needed.

5. Roy stands up to Oliver, and with Diggle on the rails and maybe even unsure of himself next year, Oliver is going to need someone to challenge his authority because sometimes, even Oliver is wrong.

Overall, Roy provided a different aspect to Arrow that's been missing since his departure...which is exactly why his return will add a bright spot.

What do you think about Arsenal's return? Are you looking forward to it?


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