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Hey all you Marvel geeks, Captain America: Civil War is out in theaters worldwide! The latest film set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had a stellar opening weekend, already making millions of dollars in the box office — and for good reason!

Captain America: Civil War was incredible, and way beyond anyone's expectations! Fans have expressed their love for the film in several different ways, from posting reviews to telling the everyone they meet on the street to go see it. However, some fans, like the folks over at Ismahawk, have used their unique talent to express their love for the film in their own way.

First Person Iron Man!

The creators of the popular Minute Match-Ups series are back with another epic video, this time related to a certain recent summer superhero movie box-office smash!

"First Person: Iron Man" lets you see what it's like in a day of the life of billionaire/philanthropist/superhero Tony Stark through his eyes! Starring Danny Shepherd (Nightwing: The Series) as Iron Man, this awesome video involves Stark flying through the city, seeing some familiar faces on the way.

But Iron Man isn't just flying around New York City for fun, he's on the lookout for crime! Some rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are attacking a prison, so Tony, armed with his armor suit and his trusty A.I., F.R.I.D.A.Y., goes after them.

After heading to the prison and swiftly dealing with them, Tony comes face-to-face with an old friend: Captain America!

With the success of Captain America: Civil War, fan-made videos like this remind Marvel just how much their fans love them! You can check out the video below, and make sure to check out more of Ismahawk's videos on their channel!

What would you do as Tony Stark for a day?


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