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Talk about breaking the fourth wall! The Merc with a Mouth is best known for talking to the audience, whether it be from the pages of a comic book, the big screen, or most recently from your own TV screen at home. To help promote the exciting release of Deadpool on Blu-ray, Ryan Reynolds has only gone and guest starred in the newest hilarious Honest Trailer installment, this time focusing on his own movie! And in traditional Deadpool manner, he continued to break the fourth wall, making this one of the best honest trailers yet. Why is he allowed to do this? Well, as he describes it himself:

"It's kind of my thing. Shall we?"

Though if you thought that Deadpool himself being present in the Honest Trailer would in any way force the Screen Junkies to pull their punches on the movie's flaws, you were totally wrong. It's OK though, because, as the epic honest trailer voice himself points out:

"Hey, I said I liked it in the beginning, I think it's fair to point out some flaws, too."

And even Reynolds has his own go, pointing out that Deadpool would be willing to do anything to get his fiancée back:

"Except talk to her, which would have been way too easy, causing the movie to end in, like, 20 minutes."

And the Honest Trailer voice gets his amazing digs in, too, as always, including:

"Instead, follow along on Ryan Reynolds' epic quest to — look like Ryan Reynolds again."

Sorry for the language but it's a Deadpool article!
Sorry for the language but it's a Deadpool article!

"So prepare for a story that, much like its hero, wants to have it both ways."

And Deadpool doesn't exactly shy away from the shameless self-promotion (and why not? It's certainly worked so far) in the midst of it all:

"'Deadpool' is the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time! Except for Jesus ['The Passion of the Christ']."

And then he just starts getting mean, because he's Deadpool, and he's pissed off.

"Everyone is sucking my d**k now and you sure as s**t should be, too, you back-ass twoddlef**k."

As I've done in this article for the younger readers' sake (though, come on, guys — don't click on a Deadpool article if you can't handle the language) Deadpool noticed the censoring going on in the video:

"And what the f**k is with these beeps? Kids f**king love it when I curse. S**t, f**k, d**kbag, turbo boner. Man, that felt good."

Deadpool even admits that the film kind of stole one of the best parts of Honest Trailers!

"Can I stay for the Honest Names?

"You know, the bit you do at the end of your videos that we — borrowed for our opening credits?"

But at least he admitted it! Well done, Deadpool, give yourself a round of applause.

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