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Over the years Marvel has always displayed each characters abilities with a high amount of respect and acknowledgment of their comic counter parts . Captain America is always displaying pure athleticism as well as Iron Man constantly upgrading and displaying his overwhelming smarts but when it comes to Natasha Romanoff she has always been able to hold her own amongst these godlike characters .

Every situation placed in front of her is quickly solved due to her quick thinking that's shows her ability to be faced with a task and have an immediate reaction or contingency plan so to say. With a character like this we could take superhero out of the genre and still have a great movie .

How the Widow works !

With the growing female lead action films sprouting in Hollywood we might actually see this happening in the near future . The Black Widow made her first live action appearance in The MCU's Iron Man 2 and she's been getting way more screen time since . Every movie she appears in she displays her situation awareness as well as her ability to go hand to hand with anyone that crosses her path . She makes you wonder if she has contingency plans for the other avengers or when the situation happens she will deal with it accordingly , fast of course due to her being such a heavy threat to them all .

Now there has been times when The Black Widow has taken some hits , almost every movie she gets worked up just a little . In Civil War (SPOILER) below

During the airport scene Natasha is guarding the Quinjet when Bucky and Cap are planning to take it. They exchange quick dialogue that end in Cap and Bucky getting in fighting stances ready to take on The Black Widow . Now if that is not respect of a fellow combatant then I don't know what is .

How a Black Widow Movie should look !

Imagine a movie that really challenges everything about her, a situation she is not ready for that will help her grow as a character . I feel like she has had it easy and she rarely displays her heroics , we see her perform a lot of save the day task but it always has this " its my mission" type of feel to them . Lets get her out of her comfort zone and lets explore some of her backstory. She is such a beautiful character inside and out that could honestly hold her own without a Hawkeye or Winter Soldier teamup movie . A good story , reasonable villain and opportunities for her to truly shine as the hero that she is .


Think she can carry her own film?


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