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Jason Voorhees of [Friday the 13th](tag:996554) is an unstoppable killing machine. We all know that. No human being has been able to stop him. But what would happen if Jason faced some non-human enemies? Or, what would happen if he fights against one of the smarterst humans on the planet?

When Jason fought against Freddy Kruger in Freddy vs. Jason — the awaited crossover that horror fans were dying to see — Jason won. At the end of the movie, Jason is walking, carrying Freddy's severed head. Of course, Freddy wasn't dead, but you could argue that Voorhees won the battle.

Here are three crossovers that I would love to see. I will talk about the setting of the fight and the reasons behind it. I will not declare a winner - that's for you to decide!


So let's get ready to rumble!

Jason Voorhees vs. Samara Morgan (The Ring)

After hearing that there is a video that can kill you after watching it, Megan (the main character of this film) decides that the only way to kill Jason, a seemingly immortal being, is to show it to him.

She decides to lure Jason to a cabin with an old VHS player inside. Obviously, to attract him, there is no better way than to have sex, so she decides to bring Mike, her handsome boyfriend, with her.

So they start kissing on a couch, but she is keeping an eye on the door. When Jason arrives, she quickly stops and turns on the player with a remote. Jason, intrigued and lured by the creepy video, decides to watch it. Megan, in the meanwhile, runs away. Outside the cabin, she hears a telephone ringing inside and she smiles.

After this, Jason only has seven days before facing Samara. Of course, Jason doesn’t know anything about this future fight, so he keeps doing what he does best: killing teenagers.

After seven days, Samara arrives. Jason, confused, sees her coming out from a television. His first reaction — triggered by instinct — is to attack her. But after hitting her with his rusty machete, he realizes that he didn't hurt her.

The real battle is about to start. Who will win?

Jason vs. The Predator

The Predator has faced Schwarzenegger, Batman, Archie, The Terminator and Superman. Who is next? Jason of course!

The Predator is traveling the universe looking for a worthy opponent to fight against. After arriving at Earth and searching all around the world, he finds this placid place known simply as Crystal Lake. And what does he see after arriving? A group of heavily armed cops. What are they doing there? Fighting against a single enemy.

The Predator, interested in the action, decides to watch the scene from afar. He sees that this big human with an old mask, armed only with a rusty machete, is killing the cops one by one. The Predator is amazed by his incredible resistance. It seems that bullets can't hurt him. In fact, it seems that nothing can.

After 15 minutes of a one-sided and bloody battle, the guy with the mask is the winner. The Predator realizes with admiration that he seems to be fine, ready to kill another dozen of cops.

At that moment, the Predator decides that he has found his next rival.

Jason vs. Jigsaw (Saw)

After looking for criminals in need of rehabilitation, Jigsaw finds that a dangerous and demented serial killer that stops at nothing is on the loose. He decides that it is time to change him using one of his infamous traps.

Of course, the hard part is to capture him, but we all know that Jigsaw doesn't act alone. With the help of his faithful minions, he manages to drug Jason before he could kill a helpless teenager. When Jason wakes, he realizes that he is trapped inside a complicated mechanism. Before he could move, a tiny puppet riding a tricycle arrives at the room.

The puppet tells Jason that he has been a mean person, killing people for pleasure and that it is time to learn the value of life. He says that he has watched Jason for a while. After analyzing him, he realized that Jason is not a normal human being. So he decided to create a special trap just for him.

Of course, Jigsaw doesn't know that Jason can't change at all. He doesn't have a conscience or a rational mind. Jason will be doing this until the end of times. Or until the smartest villain of them all stops him. If he can.

Can Jason escape the hardest trap that Jigsaw has ever created?

I would love to know what other characters would you love to see fighting against Jason. Batman? Michael Myers? The Rock? Please let me know on the comments section below.

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