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After many iterations of the same character Marvel finally struck paydirt! What am I talking about you may ask, well I am talking about the friendly neighborhood web slinger, Spider-Man A.K.A Tom Holland. But before we discuss why he's been the best I would like to put a disclaimer out there: I loved both Garfield and Maguire's renditions of the character. But I personally believe Holland is the best yet.

If you haven't yet watched Captain America: Civil War, WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? Go watch it now, stop reading this and go watch it. (Because there are SPOILERS for Civil War ahead) It was incredible, perfectly blending drama, action, and humor into this barrage of characters that are all unique and equally important. But this is not a review, this is purely a 3 part discussion of why Holland was so incredible as both Spider-Man and Peter Parker. Here goes nothing:

"Relatability" Factor:

First off, Tom Holland was great as Peter Parker, giving off a vibe of an ordinary, yet not so ordinary teenager. He was both awkward and funny, and pulled this into his Spider-Man role really well. He was truly relatable because of how he viewed the important things in his life. For instance, he couldn't go to Germany because he had homework. If that isn't a statement on how the public school system works, I don't know what is. His true charm manifested in how he fought, with way too much talk. This is way Spider-Man should be portrayed, with the silly quips and conversations mid-fight.


Despite how great Maguire and Garfield were as the character, there was always one thing off about them: their age! When Maguire was playing Spider-Man he was 26. When Garfield played him he was 28. Of course it is the movie business and it's pretty easy to hide 10 years with make-up and finding the right voice for the character, after all it's acting! But, Tom Holland is at the nearly perfect age of 19, only 2 or 3 years off his comic counterpart.

Comedic Timing:

Considering this is the MCU and the sharp wit of Robert Downey Jr. constantly shines so brightly, it is imperative that you cast actors that can stay on par with that sort of comedic timing. In the scene of Civil War where Tony Stark goes to recruit young Peter Parker for his team of superheroes, you see how well Downey and Holland bounced jokes off of each other. Not only were they hilarious together, but the chemistry was on point throughout the film. Although Garfield was truly hilarious, Holland trumps him just for the how well the humor fit his respective Peter Parker.

I hope I have helped open your eyes to the majesty of the MCU Spidey. I'm very excited about what's to come and hope you readers agree with my run-down of Tom Holland's performance as Spider-Man.

What did you readers think of Tom Holland as Spider-Man? What did you think of Civil War as a whole? Let me know in the comments below!


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