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No, no, wrong Jimmy, and definitely wrong year.

So by now, I'm hoping I wouldn't have to throw this up here, but I will anyway.

*caution-Batman v Superman spoilers ahead!*

Poor Jimmy Olsen. He's always getting hurt in Superman movies. Okay, so maybe only a couple times; first he breaks his leg in Superman III, and then he gets a third eye in BvS.

Turns out, in the latter, he's a CIA agent, and he goes undercover with Lois to the Middle East, where she'll be interviewing a very mad man. His cover is blown, and he's, well, blown away.

That's not the easter egg I speak of, though!

If you're familiar with all the weird versions of Superman in the comics throughout the years, you may have heard about a version in 2003 called Red Son. It tells the story about how things might have been different had Superman been found by the Russians instead of the Kansans.

Well, the Americans didn't like that the Soviets had a superhuman under their sleeve, so Lex Luthor is asked to kill him. Who recruits him?

Jimmy Olsen, CIA agent!

It's just a little easter egg, but a nice little addition to Jimmy's otherwise short appearance in BvS!


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