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[ Warning: spoilers ahead! ]

Well, the battle's over and as many of us expected, Team Iron Man won and the Sokovia Accords passed. Beyond the fractured friendships and mortal wounds, there's a huge change for the future of the MCU: Any superhero who didn't sign the Accords is now operating outside the law. We know exactly what that means for Team Cap, as they were incarcerated in the Raft before Steve rescued them. But what about the other heroes running (and swinging) around New York City?

The MCU's vigilantes.
The MCU's vigilantes.

Even with the Accords in place, it seems highly likely that Matt Murdock will continue fighting crime as the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, and Jessica Jones has never really cared much for rules, so it's a fair bet that she'll continue to do whatever the heck she wants. But the Accords do set up an interesting situation moving forward.

From Vigilantes To Outlaws

Although they've never tied into the movies much, aside from a few tongue-in-cheek references, the next seasons of the Netflix Defender shows could bridge the gap between Civil War and Infinity War. For one thing, they're going to have to clear up the issue of whether Daredevil and Jessica Jones are subject to the Accords, or else the shows will start to deviate too much from this combined universe.

Daredevil and Punisher face off.
Daredevil and Punisher face off.

For the law-abiding Matt Murdock, the Sokovia Accords are sure to cause him some grief. Season 2 saw Daredevil start to work with the police a little more, handing the Punisher over to them and slowly overcoming how he can be seen as a menace. He's not exactly best pals with the NYPD, but they've reached an equilibrium. However, if the Accords do mean that any non-sanctioned vigilante is acting against the law, then Daredevil could find himself on the run from the cops more than once. He might even need his own legal advice.

Jessica Jones actually might have it easier in this regard. For one thing, she's gone against the law before, even getting arrested several times.

Jessica Jones in the police station.
Jessica Jones in the police station.

As Season 1 left it, Jessica Jones is something of an urban legend — the woman who took down the shadowy figure of Kilgrave. But she's definitely not a hero like Daredevil — costumed and with her own moniker. Jessica is first and foremost a private detective, albeit one who can punch through walls, though Season 1 did hint at her old dream to be a hero.

Moving forward, it seems likely that Jessica will become a figure more like Angel (of Angel: The Series fame) than Daredevil, helping out the downtrodden as a PI with her specific skill set. So actually, Jessica might not clash with the Accords at all, unless she decides to start being a bit more heroic, and leap into that superhero outfit.

But it's not just Jessica and Matt any more.

What About The Other Defenders?

With Daredevil Season 3 and Jessica Jones Season 2 still not confirmed, the future for these characters is uncertain. This is thanks mostly to Netflix's scheduling. Luke Cage Season 1 is set to premiere in September, and we've even got a shiny new trailer just in case you'd forgotten about this awesome upcoming show.

Netflix aims to have at least one Defenders show out within six months of each other. Production on Iron Fist begins soon, and the team-up Defenders season will shoot before 2016 is out. That implies that the 2017 roster has Iron Fist first, and then the team-up Defenders six months later. Which really complicates the whole Accords issue.

Luke Cage isn't a hero yet. When he appeared in Jessica Jones Season 1 he was just a bartender, and we didn't get many hints about his solo show. What his mission is, and whether he'll become a vigilante like Daredevil, remains to be seen. This puts him in the same position as Jessica Jones — that is to say — probably invulnerable to the Accords. For now at least.

Luke Cage in 'Jessica Jones'.
Luke Cage in 'Jessica Jones'.

Iron Fist is a little different, and although we still don't know much about him, thanks to his heroic persona and mystical powers, he's far more likely to come to the attention of the UN. If anyone's going to run into trouble with the Accords, it's him.

So what does this all mean? It's very difficult to tell. We don't know how much of the movies the Netflix shows are allowed (or have to) include, we don't know if the showrunners were made aware of the Accords when they made their long-term story plans.

Luke Cage in Marvel Comics
Luke Cage in Marvel Comics

It's possible that there will only be cryptic hints about what this means for the characters in Luke Cage and Iron Fist, while the situation will be dealt with properly in The Defenders. After all, that's when they're going to start paralleling the Avengers even more. For now all we have is speculation. But if they play their cards right, the Netflix shows could deal with the Accords in a really interesting way, showing the consequences rippling out beyond the films to the rest of the MCU.

Do you think the Defenders will be affected by the Accords?

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