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Whitewashing — the process in which a story that isn't originally Western or featuring white characters, is adapted by Hollywood with an all-white cast — has unfortunately been making headlines lately. Shortly after Scarlett Johansson was announced as the lead for the Ghost in the Shell live-action movie, Tilda Swinton was seen in Marvel's trailer for Doctor Strange as the Ancient One, a powerful sorcerer who becomes Doctor Strange's mentor, and is depicted as Tibetan in the comics.

Whether or not you think the casting was appropriate for these two movies in particular, the controversies around them have helped raise awareness about the fact that there are little to no A-list Asian actors in Hollywood. So, in order to prove that there are indeed some who could pull off the lead parts in today's mainstream movies, the Twitter account @StarringJohnCho has reimagined movie posters starring John Cho, who was born in South Korea and is best known for his roles in Harold & Kumar and American Pie.

Read on for six fantastic photoshops :

1. MILF Guy On Mother's Day

2. Space Cho

3. Chorassic Park

4. Captain Asia

5. John Bond

6. So Chomantic

If you were starting to wonder whether John Cho himself is actually aware of the campaign, you'll be happy to know he's tweeted a supporting heart emoji.

Check out @StarringJohnCho's Twitter account for more Choified movie posters!

What do you think of this social media campaign?


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